What do I do here?

I am at the chapel after defeating the boss and it is asking/saying “maybe you could help her somehow”. I am not sure what it is asking for me to do and the sewer thing as well after grabbing the crystals. If this is because of some other reason for it not working please let me know.

It might be the end of that mod’s content. But you’d have to ask someone more familiar with Maternal’s mod to be sure

I’d say you’d have better luck with the pregchan thread, but it looks like that’s gone. You’d probably have to ask Maternal-Reads on Patreon or DeviantArt, as they don’t post (or likely read) here.

I *think* you’re supposed to give her a health potion, but I’m not certain on that one. It’s not a bad mod by any means, but it’s such a pain in the ass to get working nicely with everything else that I haven’t bothered with the last couple releases.

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