What do others think about this fetish?

I have been thinking and this is more of curiosity, do people in your life know about your fetish? What I mean is your friends and family have an idea that you prefer the larger version of people versus the “ideal” thin or muscular types that magazines and health studies keep throwing into the media.
Maybe I am prying a bit too far, I am just wondering if you are alone in your fetish or if you have others that know or share with you. Personally I kind of got revealed due to a family member checking browser history (did not know it was a thing beforehand) and saw what I am into. Instead of talking they went and blabbed to everyone in my close family and now they make fun of me time to time for my preference. It isn’t mean, but sometimes it does feel that they are pushing it close to that point. Other than that I now forever use private browsing even if takes a while to get everything set up to prevent another round of jabs.


I told my parents by myself that I like only fat girls and I never hid it from my friends. Parents were not enthusiastic, but we just omitted this topic and do not talk about it. My friends just told me: “Everyone has their own tastes, the main thing is that you like girls, not guys”. That is all. In social networks I am telling everyone that I like fat girls too and someone try to laugh at me very rarely(maybe because I don’t communicate in groups full of schoolchildren). However, I am living in Russia and using russian social networks to talk. On deivantart and youtube in my channels there is many english talking people who are trying to make fun of me and my modifications, but I am just blocking them.


I’ve only told my other about it, nobody else (that I’m aware of) knows. Somehow got lucky anytime there was a chance of it being revealed, and then quickly did everything to prevent being found out.
Personally I find this fetish mostly as a burden, but recognize it’s something I can’t get rid of. It’s part of who I am and I have to accept that, even if it provides no benefit to my life and if it were ever practiced in real life, it would definitely not be beneficial to any other person.


My wife found out about this fetish and a couple others I have and I got lucky in the fact that she is okay with it. I try not to talk much about it, but I grew to believe its not something to fear just accept. My brother knows of it and he pokes fun at me as well but when I asked him if he really cared he laughed and said it’s my fetish if I like it he can’t stop me. So I don’t talk to others out right but I have a couple of close people that think its fine.


As a child, while watching… some program, don’t remember what, it was when I was like, TEN, with my folks; a big women showed up… I think(maybe my dad) might have mentioned something about her appearance, cause I offhandedly said “she doesn’t look THAT bad”/“she looks nice, actually”(something to that effect), and I realised that, actually yeah, fat chicks are HOT, and thus my family knew I loved BBW’s nearly my whole life(and they’ve been pretty accepting, though my sister always found it weird(though she’s my sister, finding me weird is normal)). XD

I also kinda made it a habit to say that “big is beautiful” whenever appropriate, I’m pretty open about myself, a “heart on my sleeve” type, ya know?


Only person who knows about my fetish is my younger brother, but he doesn’t give a crap cuz it’s my thing. But he does poke fun at me from time to time.

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This is where I typically distinguish it from a ‘fetish’ to my ‘preference.’ I think a lot of us have this ‘fetish’ either due to how we grew up (biological) or due to life experiences (behavioral). I had quite a few cute, big girl friends when I was early middle school that were very close with me and I could tell liked me. I think the fact we shared moments like hugs, cuddling, touching, etc. helped ‘wake up’ my preference a lot. My family knows about it but doesn’t care - America already has enough big girls as is so it makes sense for someone out there to be naturally attracted to larger women.

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So my closest friend knows about it and she is encouraging (I personally would like myself to be chubby which was hard to explain but-) she understands and is happy as long as I am happy
I also told my sister and she’s accepted it, just doesn’t talk about it which I’m fine with (She found my tumblr when I was younger but didn’t realize what it was actually about, just thought I liked bears LOL)
I’ve kinda just accepted it as, this is the body type I want to be and I’m fairly vocal about it and I don’t think people really care
I’m from the UK so maybe people are just being polite and not saying anything, but I don’t mind saying how I want to be less skinny, since I’m stick thin

I haven’t come out, per se, but I’ve given out a few examples of what attracts me to my friends, with a pretty obvious pattern in that they’re all somewhat hefty. I don’t think that they see it as much as a fetish and more as a preference, as they’ve literally described my type as “people who would give great hugs”.
The dividing line between a fetish and a type is pretty blurred if you don’t go into detail or have a fetish yourself, I feel. I don’t like calling it a fetish, even though that’s the proper word for it, because fetishes have been so stigmatized to the point where only people with fetishes seem to understand and accept it.
Some people are weirded out by furries or foot fetishests because it seems so alien to them, that people could be attracted to that sort of thing on such a deep level. When it comes to weight gain and fat, it’s become a relatively normal and ingrained part of society that, as long as you don’t compare it to a fetish, people could accept it as just as much as being attracted to height or hair style.

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I’ve only flat-out told one person about my preferences and fetishes, my girlfriend at the time (now we’re just friends). I met her on a BBW dating site, but was still shocked that a young, 6’3, 165lb man would ever find someone like her, an older, 5’1 160lb women attractive. It was a real eye opener for her, and she went from merely accepting her new size (she used to be super slim when she was younger) to really loving herself and feeling sexy in the body she had. It was really special for me as well, to have someone that I could not only talk openly about my love of fat, but who let me indulge in my desires in a loving and accepting manner. While she never had a fetish for being a BBW herself, she quickly learned what I found attractive in one, and let me live out my fantasies, as well as loosening up on her diet and not sweating any extra pounds she may have packed on as a consequence. The love and support she gave me during our year as a couple is something that I will hold dearly forever, and led me to embrace my preferences, rather than see them as a burden.

As for my friends, they sort of know my preference, in that I’ve stated I prefer my girls a litte “chubbier”, but are not aware about just how “chubby” my ideal women is. But I’m hesitant to tell them the full truth, as while they would mostly likely accept and even support me, given that my two closest friends/roommates are like brothers to me, they both are infatuated with the standard ideal of beauty, and one of them is an anti-fat acceptance guy due to having gone from obese to muscular (which I’m very proud of him for). Also, my other close friend once pulled up a BBW video and started poking fun at it, as me and him typically like to poke fun at things every now and then, but deep down it hurt to see his repulsion to the thing I love.

I apologise if this was a long post, and for grammer mistakes, I’m on my phone and felt like expressing myself


Family knows and they honestly don’t care, girlfriend knows and not only accepts it but uses it during foreplay, which is hot, I have a couple of really close friends who know about it, and they know while it’s a thing I like I am not obsessed with it, EX also knew about it, but absolutely was disgusted by it

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Most of my friends know I have a belly fetish (we’re pretty open in talking about sex) but only a few of them knows how deep it goes into weight gain gain and inflation.

My boyfriend (who doesn’t have the fetish) knows and sometimes tries to please it because it makes him feel sexy.

I think my younger brother found out one time when he used my computer but I can’t recall ever talking to him about it.

Only my best friend knows about it because I had to get it off my chest. For a long time, I thought I was a freak for being attracted to women that were any bigger than 200lbs, let alone 500. Couldn’t talk to my dad about it, because he came from a time (boomer) where women were only attractive if they were rail thin with DD tits. Couldn’t talk to any school friends because well, it’s high school and a fetish like ours is pretty fuckin weird to anyone outside of it and I knew gossip would start about me liking fat girls. I told my best friend because my lack of transparency was affecting my life by me intentionally putting on a lot of weight after high school. I was worried about getting into a relationship because I feared I would be the reason she would end up obese and miserable. He reassured me that he didn’t find it (too) weird and was kind of surprised that I HADN’T told, since we were like brothers when it came to secrets, and the fact that years prior he had admitted he was a furry. Felt good just to talk about it. Nowadays I have a fuck you attitude to anyone who thinks otherwise of me and I openly admit to liking fat women should any drunken conversation get curious or fall to women, simply because I realized it’s who I am and I can’t nor want to change that. Be confident and own your shit, and you will respect yourself. And really, that’s all that matters. :ok_hand:


About the only person I know who’s aware of my preference is my mom, who caught me a bunch of times when I was younger browsing online for such content. Yeah, I wasn’t exactly stealthy as a youth. But she’s fine with my preference. She, not to mention everyone else around me, is pretty thoroughly in-the-dark about my more severe/unusual likings, outside of just plus-sized female (human) women.

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I really appreciate your attitude about it. Honestly, the mention of your best friend being a bit like ‘seriously? You waited this long to tell me?’ is kind of funny, but I can imagine being in a similar situation, if I had a friend who I was close enough to. Unfortunately, I’m not great about getting that close to people, and I have an even worse habit of keeping them at arm’s length (in part because, despite being an adult of almost 29 years, I don’t have my driver’s license yet-permit, yes, license, no.)

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Holy crap, I forgot about keeping my internet history a secret! My family used to share a computer (which didn’t help my situation-see my first post here). I never thought to delete my history when I was a kid. Yeah, bad move. I finally started splitting my internet usage between two different browsers-Firefox for day-to-day life, and Chrome for, well, this. helps that I don’t have to erase everything as often, but I tend to wipe out everything, just in case anybody sees my logins to any of the websites I frequent. dA, here, Eka’s, and FA to name a few. By wipe out, I mean I clear cookies, passwords, everything. I know it’s not entirely secure-someone savvy enough could dig it up-but they’d have to know it existed to do so. Yeah, suffice it to say, I’m kinda paranoid these days.

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For anyone needing to keep their browsing secret, consider using Portable Apps on a memory stick. It’s a little slower to start, but your history/cookies extra stay on the stick, which you can just take with you when you are done. No need to clear your history and cookies.


Nice. Useful to have, but thankfully not necessary anymore for me. (Though, I suppose that makes this post redundant…Sorry. Just wanted to show my appreciation for sharing that tidbit)

Some of my family member know I prefere big women, but not about my weight gain Feedee/feeder fetish, I keep that for my online friends, who I roleplay with.

Im in the same boat as you