What do you consider a furry to be?

I’ve been really wondering what a furry is defined as I think personally a furry is someone who has a fursona but then again what would a person who finds humanoid animals attractive, or really enjoys the games and artwork of the humanoid animals a furry lover or a person who enjoys furry artwork? This struggle to identify the term has been keeping me up at night

I think you’re on the money in that having an OC fursona is the main part of determining whether one is a furry or simply into furries. I lack a fursona and have no desire for one so I personally don’t see myself as a furry despite enjoying furry artwork and the like.

For sure I’m into furries and anthros. No denying that. Never worn a fursuit, RPd or been to a fur-con though.


I think it’s something like when you treat it as part of your identity. Like, I dig furry weight gain and expansion art, and I have a ‘fursona’ for when I get art from furry friends and stuff, but ‘being’ a furry isn’t really part of who I am.


Just a little vent regarding the topic. I fucking hate people who claim someone is a furry for simply liking a picture of an anime cat girl. Like… that’s so superficial. But whatevs, people who say that don’t care

Yeah, I think you don’t ever get to be a furry even if you like the material until you actually identify and associate as part of the “fandom”, which most likely involves you having your own fursona


I would say it’s mostly a self-identification thing. I don’t have a fursona but have been a furry for years for example. but liking furry stuff is a prerequisite though :​P


I’d say a furry is somebody who identifies strongly with anthropomorphic animals, whether they have a fursona or not.

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To me, a Furry is a kid’s cartoon character - a human with an animated animal’s head, paws, and tail… Because of how I associate them, I get seriously creeped out whenever I see them anywhere near fetish or erotic material. This has driven me away from several projects even here on Weight Gaming that looked like they’d otherwise be enjoyable.

Kemnomimi are the closest I can get - humans with little more than animal ears and a tail (i.e. catgirl).

Werewolves or other more “realistic” or beastial characters are not always considered “furry”. It varies a bit from person to person.

I mean, really the definition most people use, and is probably the most correct one is that a furry is just someone who enjoys furry content semi-regularly.
Like, you don’t have to be a furry to think Krystal from Star Fox, Pepper from Paladins, or Kiera from Shot One are hot.

To me, a furry is someone who outright prefers content, lewd or not, to star anthro characters more often than not. Sure that’s a bit of a gray area, but having a fursuit, having a fursona, or preferring animal lewd bits over human ones are all things that definitely 100% move someone from the gray area straight into the furry category.

I feel that a furry doesn’t really need a fursona, they really just have a sexual attraction to anthropomorphic animals. Fursona is optional

This thread got me thinking.

Why does no one use the furry tag? It’s clearly there for this thread but none of the other furry games use it. Only four other threads are using it.


Furries don’t need fursonas, but having one definitely makes someone a furry.

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I don’t really have a sona for myself, but I enjoy having lots of characters -w-

as more of a writer, that kind of comes more naturally

As far as I’m concerned, the only requirement for being a furry is having a platonic liking for anthropomorphized animals. You don’t need to find furries sexy to be a furry; You don’t need a fursuit to be a furry; and you don’t need a fursona to be a furry.


Being a furry need only require enjoying anthropomorphic art in some manner distinct from others forms. Anything beyond that depends on how narrowly you want to define what a ‘true furry’ is, for whatever reason. It should imo be possible to see oneself as a ‘furry’ without necessarily subscribing to any given ‘furry fandom’ in the same way as you can enjoy anime without being an anime otaku.


myself being a furry i would define it as

  1. an ethusiast of anthropomorphic character
  2. somebody who feels like they are an anthro animal/ having a fursona (like i did)
  3. people who engage in the fetish where 2 consenting individuals “make love” in anthro animal suits

also people of any age could class for this, a 6 year old who loves zoo topia or a 76 year old who puts on shows of animal friends using suits might count, but the usuall kind are people who have a prescence (via the fine arts) in communicating with other furries

I like how you identify the term the most, my family is very religious so this is a topic I can’t really discuss IRL with people my best friend wouldn’t really understand the thing at all and my family would get upset that’s why I usually keep it at oh that animal is cute with them. But I had a similar situation with my sister’s friend but it was about her calling my cat ugly and I had to literally call her out in front of her other friend that cats are the pinnacle of cuteness when it comes to women due to the obsession of the cat eyes look.

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As a general rule of thumb, a furry is just someone who has large enthusiasm for animal characters. Doesn’t have to be furred, stand on two legs, etc. And that’s it, really.

You don’t need to have a ‘fursona’ to be a furry. It’s more of just a term that’s used simply for someone who enjoys and has a strong interest in animal characters, anthropomorphic, quadrupedal or otherwise.

so could you clasiify karn ex as a furry

Furry = beastman.
Kemonomimi = half-beast (demi human)
This is Furry https://d.furaffinity.net/art/biglovealicia/1588449567/1588449371.biglovealicia_commission_701.png
This is Kemonomimi http://www.ekocontent.pro/pictures/5/files/0c3b589c011dc3f98f2384395c8e5421/kipteitei-art-part-2_0.jpg or http://www.ekocontent.pro/pictures/5/files/0c3b589c011dc3f98f2384395c8e5421/kipteitei-art_4.jpg or even https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D-M0E_iXYAAXgjY.jpg

I generally use furry to refer to actual characters or personas with animalistic traits. Someone who doesn’t have those traits but appreciates them in other people I call an Adora.