What do you do with the statue?

After you get Orion’s quest about the mines, you find a statue in the treasure room which I assume is supposed to go somewhere but i’m not entirely sure where.

Is there something that i do with the statue, like take it from point A to point B?

(Also apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this, I’m still getting used to the way this site is set up)

So I believe that statue is a Fetish, specifically one to the god of Fertility.

A Fetish more so in the god/spirit-related way, like a talisman kinda thing.
In-game this basically means that each new day it gives the carrier or everyone in the same room as it a certain amount of karma, and triggers fetish-type divine actions which consume said karma to activate certain effects.

In the case of the god of Fertility, I think they spend the karma each night to increase the Fertility stat, the testicles’ production rate, bust size, butt size, legs thickness, and the size of genitalia.
Currently I don’t think there’s any use to it outside of that?

So another similar object in the game is the shrine you find a bit outside the town gate, which is a shrine to the god of Travel. This one I believe instead gives you karma when you donate to it, and uses that karma to give you a warning message about the bandit keeping watch outside the camp when you’d be about to run into them.

Just a note, the fertility statue, thus far, doesn’t give you any advantages

I mean, I just booted up v0.39 to double check, and I’m pretty sure at least the slight bust/butt/thigh expansion each new day was already implemented there so, y’know, you could consider that an advantage?
Don’t think the Fertility bit does anything particularly useful right now, or that the statue has any other use outside of that right now though, so yeah.

I was mostly talking about advantages gameplay wise, if, for example, having a bigger butt will make you more effective in fighting or having bigger boobs will seduce your opponent faster. Sexual preferences, of course, is another topic

Mostly the statue is just a for-fun transformation item. Fertility doesn’t do much yet, as there’s no system for pregnancy, and the sexy-times stuff has been defered while plot happens.

One other (questionable) use for the statue is to leave it in your favourite NPCs sleeping area. Like you, they will out grow their clothing over time - but they have no mechanism to fix that (yet). Or, leave it where a hostile might grow out of their armour.

Are there multiple types of statues? like maybe one could increase belly size or another can randomly add some weight?

From when I last played it it only had the one, but it would be awesome if there were more

huh, didn’t realize you could weaponize the statue essentially. good to know.