What do you guys do for fun.

lmao i cant really stand fortnight either as for games i play at the moment im big into risk of rain 2 and mtg arena and i dabble a bit into warframe

practicing guitar but come to me when you can play though the fire and the flames in expert mode on guitar hero lol those are some pretty cool hobbies and judo seems like it would be really hard to do

i love pixel art especially in video games anything by chuckle fish is a big fav when it comes to pixel art

i am so bad when it come to beating games with big story’s here’s my cycle ill play the game get pretty far into it take a break but when i come back to it im like well gota restart goes i dont remember the story its gotten to the point where ill go to the very last level and just restart cause i took to long of a break

quite that active one i see lol i also got dogs 2 to be exact i dont know what breeds thay are since they are rescues but they also a handfull and yes we do all know retro gaming rules its nice to see a fellow man of culture lmao and fixing up retro music is cool as hell i bet you get to fix up some pretty cool things iv’e always wanted to get into miniature but i dont really know how i would start that sorta thing

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Cyberpunk 77 KEANU REEVES
DIO !!!
looking at memes with the boys
ant to hear a joke about paper? Nevermind it’s tearable.
wait a min you already said games must be a glitch in the matrix
a yes as we all do
that seems cool as hell
i couldn’t thick of what to put here
discovery channel here we come
yes i too like talking fellow human
oo theres this animation that some one by the name of lord bung is doing on scp its really good go check it out
Rip grumpy cat
i do not know of this futball you speak
im sorry guys ill do better in the next apology video i swear

it not much but its an honest living

Does someone have some tips on something fun to do at 4 in the morning?

Try animation, art etc. I always get the best inspirations at 3 in the morning!

You know it’s not that hard, even if my teacher is a bit strict, we can easily be used to this. And you know Judo is an active sport but it’s not like karate, the objectif is to get your opponent on the back, i’m not gonna fight some like in somes films, (even if that could help me a bit). But else it’s a really good sport on most of the body and some valors and stuff so i suggest it

yeah, Fortnite itself is not that bad, but it’s the players that ruin it: spam builders, stream snipers, and people that are more toxic than freaking nuclear waste, honestly it should have died the moment its players started acting like crap

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There’s always hope. Remember the dark times of Minecraft? It was treated just like Fortnite. And now it’s praised (I doubt Fornite will be praised tho). I’ve played both of the modes and I must say it WAS quite enjoyable. Not a big fan though

I usually play videogames or watch movies, series or youtube videos. I don’t especially like anime, I mean is fine and I see some really good shows that they happened to be anime, like fullmetal alchemist, cowboy bebop, Jojo, etc. Also I have tried to enter into role-playing with a group making a DnD campaign.

I tend to play games, watch youtube and what not. Though I try to also write stories and would love to get into making my own twine games. Even if its something as simple as a CYOA.

After I get off work I either play some games or do more work, usually both.

Another hobby i’m sure some of us share is finding and reading WG stories, at first i used writing.com for it but when the paywall turned into a nuisance i had to use other sites such as FA, DeviantArt and others. It’s always fun to find a new author and binge read the things they’ve written.

3d modelling, creating mods for games, playing videogames.

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I act, dance, do some photography, play video games, laze around and hang out with friends/go to parties mainly

I also enjoy my work as I work in a comic book and board game shop that sells all sorts of things like Magic, pokémon, warhammer, retro games and manga- it’s a pretty fun job!


It’s nice to meet a fellow dancer!

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Aw heck yeah! That’s awesome!