What do you guys do for fun.

I’m curious about what this community does in its free time what do you guys do me personally I spend lots of money on useless cardboard (Magic the gathering card) they can also be used as coaster


Just sorta… Browse the web, I guess. Otherwise, I’ve got a few Magic decks… Mostly Johnny nonsense, of course.

Oh, I’m into emulation too, I guess. Not enough to know anything about anything, but kt’s certainly something I keep tabs on.

And I’m trying to learn various programming languages. Not really succeeding, but becoming bit more literate, if not more proficient.

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Eyy that’s pretty cool for magic what format do you usually play. I don’t know to much about emulators but I got a friend that loves them. Id love to get into programming but I’m lazy

In my free time I usually watch youtube, find a game to play, or draw (I’m shit right now and my ability only expands to tracing and slight edits). Sounds pretty boring but I don’t mind it much. I’m also trying to get myself into learning coding but like many others, I’m lazy as hell.

I enjoy watching old movies and listening to old music from the 1940s-1980s. And I also like to read literary classics and D&D novels. Also play video games every now and then lol

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Unless I’m in college, then I play D&D with my pals :dragon:

Keep practicing that drawing I’m sure you’ll get better :slight_smile:

I too am a par taker in old music just grew up with it because of my dad and it sorta just stuck with me as for DnD I’ve only played one campaign and it ended up with me being tied to a tree and I fell and broke my back good times

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I dance, design game maps and draw sometimes. I also enjoy listening to music. Other than that, I just love playing video games on various consoles and PC!
I had a well-earning youtube channel once, but it got deleted…

The go to’s would be watching people play games, watch anime and/or TV-Series’, and playing competitive games such as Dota, Magic The Gathering Arena and various fighting games.

I also really enjoy dabbling in modding, it’s just really satisfying to spend a long time on something and then have it come together!

Oh and in-depth tabletop games are some of my favourite pastimes, especially pen and paper RPG’s such as D&D.

Big gamer here, I especially love the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series, among others, namely Shooters and RPGs, my main online game when I get the chance is Warframe, but I also play a few games on Roblox, not Fortnite though, or at the very least not its BR mode, that game is a plague on the entire gaming world, when Fortnite Save The World becomes free to play I MAY consider playing Fortnite solely for that PvE mode

I’m also a gamer, I like many video games with also some obscures ones (Off or The Void if somebody know for example. And else I practice judo and guitare because I’m a big fan of music (most of them gamers ones eh).

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You do judo??? That sounds bad-ass man! And a great way to build up some muscle

I do sprite/pixel art purely as a hobby, and I find it rather enjoyable when I don’t have to conform to conditional rules.
I also like to do slice-of-life roleplaying, primarily over Discord.

Other than that, I play a lot of different kinds of video games.

In my free time, I enjoy getting big swole and making music. Video games are starting to lose appeal to me due to the trend of having a heavy story, but I do that put gameplay over story. Right now, I’m trying to learn programming to put together games in the community.

Other than that, it is YouTube and browsing reddit.

A lot of my free time is taken up by my dog. He’s a cocker spaniel and poodle cross, and has a lot of energy to burn off in a day.

Outside of that, I read and write a bit, watch youtube videos, game. Currently DMing a Conan 2d20 campaign for some friends of mine, and working on a conversion of Dark Sun for 5e D&D, though the finishing touches of that may have to wait for a proper psionics handbook.

I play a few different video games, and as we all know, retro gaming rules. Really looking forward to the re-release of Final Fantasy 7.

Among other things, I collect and fix up retro music equipment. Most recent acquisition is an 8-track alarm clock. I am a music junkie, with a particular love for classic rock and metal.

I also do some miniature war gaming, though that has fallen by the wayside a little. I used to live in a fairly large city with an active community (WHFB, WH40K, Warmachine, Flames of War), but now I’m in a small town in a rural area. Needless to say, not as much of a scene for that sort of thing.

As you might have gathered, I don’t sit still well, lol.

Video games
The second thing Samuel L Jackson said that had to do with anime “I like anime. ~~~~~~ too”.
Make the worst puns ever
Using the internet
Making stuff out of metal (wiring, sculptures, etc.)
Doing Absolutely Nothing
Listening to lectures and watching documentaries
Reading SCP
Things that you don’t want to know about
And other things

Usually i spend most of my time on the Internet, watching Youtube videos, reading things or searching in Google about pretty much anything (i’m always curious about somehting or the other).

Other hobbies include videogames, anime, music from time to time and that’s pretty much it.

that sucks your youtube channel got deleted. and dancing seems like a cool thing to pass the time

i like watching people play games 2 but mostly only rouge likes as for competitive games i tried play dota but im not that great at it i mostly play league of legends and for fighting games smash is always my go to also just wanted to say big fan of your deviantart keep up the good work

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