What do you guys think, feedback is appreciated



Not bad. It’s better than a lot of stuff I see; though, there’s a couple of things you might want to consider:

First, you probably want to use some darker colors for better contrast. When sprites are that small, contrast is really important for implying shape. Here, the side sprites are mostly okay because the gut juts out of the sprite, but on the front-facing sprites it’s hard to tell what’s going on without looking closely, and that’s something that might get better or worse depending on what clothes you put on the sprite. I’d recommend using colors that stand out more for the lines under the belly. It doesn’t need to be a big solid line, just something that makes it clear where the belly ends and the legs begin.

Second, it’s worth considering using bigger sprites than the RPGmaker default. At this size, it can be really, really difficult to communicate an increase in size in certain areas (arms, legs, and face in particular). I’m personally not a fan of the half-kaiser sprites that everyone tends to use (see GUT), but I think that there’s a happy middle ground that’s worth looking into. I’ve been using a modification of the RPGmaker sprites that stretches the body up by like 6-8 pixels, and I’ve been liking how they look. Even just handful of extra pixels can really make a difference in giving a sprite room to grow, so to speak.


Not a fan of the chibi proportions. If the character’s walking North, I want to see her back! The head and face are important, but not that much more important than the rest of the body.

Other than that, looks great! Good sprite work.

What do you guys think? Game is in a playable state, some tweaks and I think I could do a release soon.
Your feedback would be great since its my first finished game.