What do you think about stuffing focused games without weight gain ?

I’ve been seeing a lot of games that has no actual wight gain in it
well for many people it’s just normal but I don’t really prefer this kind of games.
Is it just me ? I don’t know I like progression kinda games.

For me, I like weight gain game more. I don’t judge anyone who doesn’t.


yep same, so i see it’s not just me.

It is simple for me: I don’t play in games where is only stuffing without weight gain.


A waste of my time. I appreciate it when the creators are upfront about the lack of weight gain.


It’s my favorite. Never really into the weight gain. Always there for the stuffing content and love to see more of it

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I’m in the minority that I somewhat prefer stuffing with no weight gain, or at least no major weight gain. Superchubs and especially immobility wg usually don’t appeal to me, so I do prefer games who either don’t have weight gain or cap it at a certain point (normally before a character starts looking more like a blob than a human). But I recognize that that’s not what a lot of people here are looking for.


yep that’s what I’m talking about since this forum was meant to focus on weight gaining when it first started.

that’s just a Pac-Man


I’m mostly here for stuffing games. Even though it started as mostly WG focused forum, there isn’t a place with that many stuffing games I know about. I’m actually quite curious where the split lies right now. I understand that it doesn’t work for everyone though.

Yeah, I also agree that the games should be upfront about their content. I’ve stumbled across games, that advertised “all WG is optional”, where a character gets from thin to immobile in the span of five minutes…
Luckily, in my experience, those are few and far in between.


Stuffing without weight gain just isn’t my style.


From my perspective, it kinda defeats the point. Eat big, get fat. It’s math. It’s like starting to jack off but quitting before you bust, actions should have consequences.


yep I feel like logic don’t work at that point my brain just won’t took it if there is no consequences after eating that amount of foods.

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Just depends on what the game’s going for really. If you’re making a long RPG with frequent stuffing scenes and food-based combat then yeah, I’d expect weight gain to along with that. Even with plot armour and video game fantasy rules, it would be pushing it if the character never gained weight (although I could see a few plot points to explain that way… damn my laziness to never commit to these ideas).

If it’s something shorter though, or eating is more sporadic, or there’s a believable explanation in-world then I’m fine just seeing stuffing. Like @DoubleBubble , I’m not really interested when there’s just a shapeless mass of flesh on screen, but to each their own. For me it’s mainly just down to how the game handles whatever aspect it’s going for. If it’s written well and plays well then I’m probably going to enjoy it.


For me, I tend to dislike permanent immobility/omega blob focused weight gain. Immobility can be alright for me generally if its a temporary-ish state for a character and stuffing without weight gain fits that specific distinction well. The game Some Bullshit is a good example of a type of stuffing that I like in that the characters still eat, and occasionally get immobilized from an enormous gut but are able to return to a more normalized state sometimes via magic and other times via hard work or simply digestion time.

I enjoy ‘the act of gaining weight’ more so than ‘character is even fatter’. This is not to say that I am against having a fat character, far from it. But allowing or having a character be able to gain weight from ‘skinny to fat’ multiple times with higher maximums over time rather than from ‘immobile levels of fat to even more fat’, is often more preferable for me.

There is also technically an interpretation of your question of when a character simply consumes large amounts and there is no change whatsoever. I’m assuming this is not what you were referring to but in case it is, I agree with this type not being interesting. It just feels like a ‘well whats the point then?’ kinda situation.


well yeah, that’s my point if the character consumes a large amount of foods (regularly) there should be something going on right there, only in case that there is some rules controlling the process such as magical affects or whatever. and if you take hard work It’s also a negotiable situation right there, not really that logical to me. ( I’m not good with putting punctuation marks :slightly_smiling_face: ).

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To add to my thoughts, I don’t really think it matters whether a character gains weight from stuffing or not. Either way these are works of fiction and the world plays by whatever rules the author wants. It’s just as unrealistic for a character to immediately gain tons of weight after a single meal as it is for them to never gain weight. The consequences can be whatever the author wants. Whether you’re into either is up to you. The thing is fiction doesn’t have to play by real life’s rules and it doesn’t matter which route you go down.

Ultimately if you like the weight gain aspect you are going to be in favor of the weight gain happening as a consequence. You are here for that and you want to see it. You were always here for the consequences of overindulging that results in weight gain. I do agree that stuff needs to be tagged better.


Stuffing’s always been my primary kink with weight gain stuff being more of a bonus as far as my own work goes.

Fat ladies pretty tho. Thin ladies pretty too. Thin ladies turning into fat ladies is no issue here.


Never liked them personally, most of the reason I like playing games on here is just so I can play as a fat lady in a videogame, so just not having that feels like playing any other game except their stomachs get a bit big sometimes.

That and I’ve never seen a stuffing focused game have any unique gameplay twist or gimmick like I’ve seen for some inflation and TF games, so I’ve never felt compelled to try any.

Then again I’m probity pretty bias cause Some Bullshit is the de facto stuffing game on the site and I think it’s mid so that also probity doesn’t help.

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