What do you think of the "Living Cauldron" concept where an alchemist makes potions in their body?

I’ve seen two “living cauldron” classes in Dungeons & Dragons expansion related documents. One in D&D Full Fantasy for fifth edition, and 3.fwomp for third edition. Both are similar, but the Full Fantasy one is about a sorcerer who gains magic powers from their volatile digestive system and has slight gas themes, while the 3.fwomp one is about a wizard or other arcane magic user specializing in potion making by filling their stomach with water.

Those two documents got me thinking about the idea of producing alchemical potions inside of your body as a concept. What do you think of this? It sounds like a cool fantasy thing to be.

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It’s an inventive idea, although I have to wonder how you get the potions out once you’ve brewed them if they’re already in your body? Alchemy and potions are a good platform for expansion stuff, but I’m having trouble picturing how this one would go down.


Two options I can think of that aren’t particularly gross imo:
–The Living Cauldron burps magic after ingesting the right ingredients
–Potion becomes the Living Cauldron’s milk

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There’s actually a manga that has a character with this concept, granted he’s not inflation based.

It’s the youngest brother of the titular family you need to look for. He holds a very interesting concept.

For retrieving the potions, I’ve been thinking of this idea myself based on this story: