What foods would you like to see in fetishmaster?

Like the title says

I’m personally a fan of lore-based food.

For example, Slime Sorbet. A tasty dessert for people who have grown to like the taste of those slime creatures that force themselves into stomachs.

Food items are an excellent chance to do some world-building! You can answer questions such as “Can the person controlling the proxy taste the food that a proxy eats?” Depending on the answer to that question and how popular proxying is (I don’t actually know if its only the player that can do it; I’ve not yet played the game) food items might being either bland but nourishing or tasty but superficial.

More MEAT would be good.

Probably something called Fat-Fast, which instantly adds 25 lbs. per hour for a total of 4 hours.

Fast food would be cool