What Game Engine for a Menu-Based Game?

I’ve solidified my idea for my first weight-gain game: managing a guild of monster-slayers that often end up in weighty situations. I just need help finding the right engine to build it in.

The game play will swap between two modes: guild management and ‘rpg-mode’ (wip name). In guild management mode, you view the guild member’s stats and abilities, view available missions, assign guild members to training or assignments, and manage the guild’s resources to keep its members alive, healthy, and loyal. In ‘rpg-mode’ you will have the option to talk with the townsfolk and the member’s of your guild to learn more about the world you’re in, pick up side-missions that can aid your guild, and possibly find romance.

So, the engine I choose only needs to support 2D, and needs to support a lot of custom menus. Any ideas?


Godot, it has one of the best if not the best UI system I have seen in any engine. If you are going very UI heavy it would be hard to find something better.


Godot’s UI editor is so good that they made the UI in Godot.


I can recommend ren’py, it has some pretty good built in ui elements, and with the ability to do just about anything you can imagine in python, there’s not much you cannot do.

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lol ya that is true, thats why the godot editor is actually a godot game. Easy way to see how powerful its UI system is as well.

Now that is freaking meta.

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