What is Harvest Moo?

Harvest Moo is a Harvest Moon-esque rpgmaker game about making lots of cash by feeding and fattening monster girls, mainly cows.
Each girl is completely different thanks to a stat randomization system: for example, weight gained is distributed into breasts, belly and butt, and each girl will gain differently. You can also examine a girl to see a full body portrait that changes according to her size AND body shape. Fattening girls is done by feeding them different foods and by keeping them in a good mood.
There’s also a town where you can interact with different people, visit shops, buy upgrades for tools and structures in your homestead, and buy a different, randomized girl each day.
Other planned elements are how seasons impact growth, festivals, character relationships, special events, and possibly more monster girl types!
If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to make a topic!