What is the Best RPG-Maker Version???

What version of RPG-Maker is the best? Im thinking of buying it, Im kinda new to making games so i figured that RPG maker would be quite nice to start with.


Simple choice:
Do you want to have the most up to date program that will be supported by the community in the future, but doesnt have any plugins (stuff that lets you alter the way the game plays) yet? Then pick MZ.
Want a program that can do almost anything MZ can do, has a slightly different art style, runs slightly worse but has a huge library of plugins to choose from, then choose MV.
Id personally take MV atm since MZ is very early in its lifecycle.

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I agree with the above, but whatever you do, try to get one on sale. I dont recommend buying them full price since, yknow. MV is $90 cad base price.

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They’re working on another RPG maker game? MV is barely 5 years old IIRC. I’m going to guess that older assets will not be fully compatible with MZ?

theyre not working on one, its out already.

Ah, so it is. I must have misread something when I looked it up earlier.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think that the free versions of RPG Maker may have stopped being distributed. And, if you’re wondering, I myself can’t afford the paid versions.