What is the m/f ratio of this site (vote)

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Not gonna lie I expected it to be 100% dudes


you mean users, people that play the games, or developers? Or all of the above?

all of the above :smile:

Had a feeling bout this, 9 males to 1 female…

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To be fair, the fat fetish community isn’t really a nice place for women (and especially fat women) to hang out. A lot of the assumed elements of fetish fiction and games are pretty dehumanizing-- either because they’re a little fatphobic (the base assumptions that gluttonous habits go along with being fat, for example) or because they’re kind of misogynistic (“I’m going to own these five women and keep them in captivity, then sell them based on their weight as meat!”).

Which is fine, I’m not here to kink shame. I’m into the “fat people are gluttons” trope, even if I don’t rationally believe it! It’s hot!

But there’s also an awful lot of non-consensual sex in these games, and while that’s one of the most common turn-ons, it’s also, like, PTSD triggering for a lot of women, and there’s sometimes no warning? So it doesn’t always… feel like the safest place for women? Even though those of you I’ve talked to seem cool.

It’d be nice to see the kinks involved in a game better labelled up front sometimes, and more female-perspective and wlw content that’s not quite as male gazey, but… I hardly expect kink hobbyists to solve that second part when even non-horny professional media fucks it up most of the time.


If you want that stuff, play stuffing rpg and lanna’s adventure. both have wlw and female perspective, in fact i hardly see games where you play as a male feeder character on here. You are usually always the feedee when playing those games, unless i’m misunderstanding you.

I think this community can benefit from a game where you play as a wolf-like(as in predatory) feeder character, definitely would spice up the content at least from constantly playing the feedee.

To each their own though

I think there’s a big difference between having a female protagonist and having an empowered female in your game. Even the latter doesn’t really guarantee anything. Kostromama is definitely right on a lot of counts, especially about how this is hard, especially when a culture is entrenched.

And a lot of times, it’s not even on purpose that people estrange groups that are different from them. Sometimes it’s just outside of their expectations. A good example is how the poll in this thread is binary. There are obvious problems if it refers to gender, and more subtle problems about its assumptions and implications if its referring strictly to biology. The fact that it doesn’t specify which it is asking for which is . . . I don’t know. And I don’t know if the OP realized, either.

Just a thought.

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I will agree to disagree here.

oh look a binary gender quiz


Echo’s right about what I was trying to say. Put another way: In most of these games you’re not playing as a woman, you’re playing as a cis man’s fantasy of a woman. Which is fine! But not exactly sexy for ladies, particularly queer ladies, even when the protagonist is a lesbian, if the writing is plainly through an objectifying lens.

There’s definitely a deficit of mlm/male feedee games on here, too, for what it’s worth? But that’s less relevant to the question of the gender gap.

Cheddar: Yeah, I hear ya. The old site had a much more complicated poll that still forced a gender binary and, like, missed some obvious combinations of identities. It made me want to set up a google form that would actually capture data usefully.

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I once took a class that turned out to feature a lot of historiography, and a few of the articles we read asked questions like, “How do you record something fluid and non-discrete like gender or sexuality in a digital medium?” We looked at a lot of different attempts people had made to do that, but in the end I don’t think we ever agreed that any of them was perfectly elegant and accurate.

I think it was supposed to be a 20th century history class.

Only TWO genders? D:<

I think it’s relevant to any potential female cis audience whether or not there’s male gaining content. I’ve heard that opinion expressed within communities before.

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What gender are you???:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Apache attack helicopter

Im not surprised that a thread about gender juuuust so happens to be the first time I’ve seen someone be an asshole on this site

:+1: way to be predictabo


couldn’t agree more, slime

Both the gender poll on this site and on the previous incarnation were created by users.

If anyone specifically has a problem with the options in this poll, then they are more than welcome to create their own poll with more options.

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