What is the most "compete" game here?

Ive been around for awhile only just now making a new profile for the new forum. I see alot of new games, some old. FM so far SEEMS to me the most complete experience depending on what you’re looking for. That and Vale City which… isnt on here for some reason. So to an extent this is a matter of opinion. But if one had to pick one. Which one stands above all in terms of features and an overall sense of completion? If any.

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i would say that fatty text adventure (if you search it you’ll find it) is at least the most fleshed out wg game, though it is not in production anymore

Unnamed Stuffing RPG isn’t finished yet but it’s still worth your time. Especially the sidequests in the starting village.


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most things here die off from something bad happening to the dev, the dev getting board, lack of updates witch murders the community and i dont think anything has been finished on this site or the original one so really nothing. but i’ve seen people post mods for other games made by people who dont know of this places existance.

Will there be humans and stuffing in it?


I see. Would have liked actual people, but that’s just me :3


@Champion6 and @anon93584823 please remain on topic and do not hijack the thread. If you both wish to discuss the game Korpsian is working please make a new thread for it. Thank you.