What is this RP/role play people mention?

For some time, I have seen people talk about this RP or role play here and other places. I’ve seen people write ‘I do RP/role play’ or ‘I don’t role play’ but it is never seen.

What is it and how does it actually work?

Is it based on a game like DnD, or is it based on something else?

Well, young one, it is called role play, because you play a roll.

It can be like in DnD, but more often than not it’s similar to cooperative story telling, where you both act out characters in a scene.


it’s essentially a mutual agreement with one person or more to play out a scenario through writing, or talking. in the context you’re seeing it, it’s usually for some kind of sexual thrill. I would avoid doing that kind of thing with people you don’t know very well or trust.


Roleplay (play a role) is embody/incarnate a character, like an actor playing the role of a character.

This character will react like a real person and evolve in a scenario, interact with other characters or environment.

Forget all about sexuality bullshit. It just confuse people !

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Thank you all for the replies.

That shed some light on this role playing. It sounds cool.

It indeed sounds like you have to know the other person well to role play, for example, when you agree about the world setting and what can happen, what should happen, and type of medium.

No you not need to know the other person well, you just need to know a little about the lore and background.

Again I bring together the acting and roleplaying. You not need to know the other actor well for play a character, but the main script, where the scene take place, when, what happened before, what are you doing what your character planned to do, the rest can be totally improvised.

OOC (out of character so without roleplay) on an MMO generally things go like that :
-You contact someone you know he is roleplayer (Discord, in game etc), propose a schedule for rp
-You must set the background needed for roleplay. Where it take place, when, how and why your characters encounter and evantully talk a little more for know each other preference of roleplay.
-After that the rp (In Character) start and let’s go your character talk, not you, for example if you play a paladin, your character will not miss an ocasion to save the orphan.

On private server 100% rp, you not need to talk OOC before roleplay. It can start without any consent because if the other player is here it’s for play his character now in the actual condition.

So before all if you are interested to rp, you must choose a game or a social network, what you prefer between both? The second choice is text only, it’s not game.


Roleplay is essentially collaborative writing where you and one or more people take on roles/characters and act them out. D&D is a form of roleplaying, a roleplaying game, or “RPG” to be specific. But roleplaying doesn’t need to be in game form, no dice needed.

A lot of roleplay is simply written out. Usually in either “script” or “novel” style writing. Novel is just as you’d see anything written in a book. Script states the character’s name first, then will either use dialouge, or *asterisks/italics to tell action. I’ll write a short, simple example of the same scenario in both forms.

Captain: Abandon ship! *Jumps overboard
“Abandon ship!” The Captain yells, jumping overboard.

Typically people either roleplay as other characters or themselves(called a “self-insert”). Some roleplay groups prefer you to rp as a character, and may discourage self-inserts. But that depends on the group.

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