What is you favorite WG artist? (or thick art in general?

Not really much else.

RAMZI <<< Nobody else is better then this guy.

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link? :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: thanks!

Definitely Trinity-Fate
pixiveo is also cool
Plus the plenty of artists I’ve only seen a few times

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Actually my friend here does really cute artwork, a lot like BlueBrush on FA actually!

In fact he made fanart for the Super Fatty RPG after I introduced it to him!

Foxfire486, hands down. However, he’s recently decided to disappear off the face of the earth, which is very unfortunate. You can still find his stuff on deviantart, though his account is deactivated, so I don’t know how hard some of the images will be to find now. His Kiari work is especially good.

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gosh, EddyThoOkapi was the best until he fell onto Twitter. he’s still really good, but he doesn’t post nearly as much bbw stuff.

Totally agree there, I saved some of his work but not nearly enough. Hopefully he will return at a later date and re upload.

All my faves are on twitter/pixiv

Cross Crescent without a doubt. I like the stuffed/fullness he depicts.

There are a lot I like, but Kip has to be at the top of the ladder, tbh. KipTeiTei - Student, Digital Artist | DeviantArt