What kind of characters would you like to see in a wg visual novel?

I’m gathering ideas for a visual novel I want to make and I want your input.

1. Body type before gaining weight:

A. thin

B. slim

C. fit

D. muscular

E. curvy

2. Body type after gaining weight/fat distribution:

A. skinny fat - visible chubby belly on a relatively slim body

B. Curvy - wide hips, big boobs and a pretty much flat belly

D. Big - wide waist, bigger arms, mostly flat stomach, big boobs, hips, legs, kind of like strong fat body shape

E. Apple - most weight to the belly area

F. Pear - big butt, wide hips, thick thighs and a small amount of belly

G. Hourglass - big boobs, hips, butt, thighs, with a small chubby belly

H. Inverted triangle - big boobs, small belly and some fat in the rest of the body

I. Balanced - same amount of fat all over the body, chubby belly, bigger boobs and butt, wider thighs and hips

3. Attitude towards gaining weight: (more than one can happen at once)

A. Likes it

B. Is angry at it

C. Is neutral/doesn’t care

D. Is in denial

E. Is oblivious

F. Is Embarrassed

G. Is turned on by it (pretty much “likes it” but way more)

H. Doesn’t like it at first

I. Teases others for liking their gain

4. Reason why they gained weight: (more than one can happen at once)

A. Lazy

B. Sweet tooth

C. Likes to eat

D. Likes to party

E. Broke a leg and couldn’t exercise and other similar injury ones

F. To attract someone who likes bigger women

G. For their partner

H. Is fattened by their partner (or someone else)

I. From Christmas/Thanksgiving

J. From a vacation

K. From a sedentary job

L. Because “it’s not that much and they can lose the weight later”

M. Freshman 15

N. Relationship 20 - gaining weight after getting in a relationship

O. Wanted to get some curves for themselves

5. Personality: (more than one can happen at once)

A. Shy

B. Flirtatious

C. Teasing

D. Carefree

E. Competitive

6. Looks: (more than one can happen at once)

A. “Tough” - tattoos, leather jacket etc.

B. Sporty - sports wear, leggings, sports bra, hoodie, sweat pants, tied up hair etc.

C. Comfy - Loose clothes, sweaters, big hoodies, loose sweat pants, a little messy hair etc.

D. “Attractive” - revealing clothing, tight clothes etc.

E. Formal - glasses, tidy hair, button up shirts, knee length pencil skirts etc.

F. Goth - black clothes, chokers, other goth stuff etc.

7. Things you’d enjoy seeing happen to them: (some of the situations can work better for certain characters more than others)

There are so many i won’t list them, just write them out. Things like popping a button, not fitting into clothes in a certain setting, get in as much detail as you want, give some examples if you’ve seen it somewhere before.

8. Other things you want for that character that aren’t listed

If you could format your answers something like this:




  1. Something else that’s not on the list for that point


And some pictures if you can and want

If you could also choose things for one character at a time in one comment rather than choosing multiple that you’d like to see in general.

If you have any ideas for things for me to add to that list then suggest those too! :slight_smile:

I already have some ideas myself but I rather at least for now leave them secret, maybe even until the game comes out (it might take a bit of time)


I’mana give some more in-depth answers along with the letters.

  1. (A, B, C) Fit or Thin and Slim is probably best, it allows the most amount of progress from their original state to their final weight, and the decline from fit to fat instead of just putting on weight normally affords a lot of stuff to add to any story.

  2. (All) I’m fine with anything tbh, as long as it’s proportionate.

  3. (A, B, D, F, G, H, I) I’ve always been a sucker for unintentional gaining, going through the five stages of grief so to speak but less dramatically. How this plays out can go a number of ways, from just being oblivious to being angry to just accepting the weight and enjoying the food that comes with it. Or a story about gaining weight and being in denial of just how much they really like it, before coming around.

  4. (All, leaning towards A, B, C, D, I, J, K, L, M) All of these are great! Honestly, the journey of the gain and the emphasis on what led to it, be it the famed “office gain” or stress eating from school or just giving into gluttony, are just as hot if not even better than the end product in itself to me. For a visual novel it’s going to be a big focus but I’ve always been a sucker for people gaining as a consequence of their own actions.

  5. Anything would be good to be honest, I’m not very picky when it comes to personality.

  6. (Any) I lean to formal or business casual, comfy works as well in a home environment, but I’m again fine with anything, but I’m a bit of an outlier in that I prefer people completely clothed in some ways as it puts more emphasis on whatever weight may be gained, but if some nudity scenes are in order then that’s alright of course.

  7. Stuff like tight clothes, popping buttons, stuckage are all the bomb. Dealing with stuff like getting exhausted from tasks that used to be thoughtless like walking up stairs or having to do ‘the dance’ to pull up pants are also fun to read or watch. Of course, general displays of gluttony, like finishing a whole box of doughnuts or general “just one couldn’t hurt” meals are cool, I like it when the lack of self-control one may have is emphasized but fully embracing gluttony is also nice.

Sorry if some of the answers were broad-stretching, if I’m coming off as not giving a definitive answer that’s on me but I hope my elaboration was able to clear anything up! I can provide pictures that give general “ideas” or scene vibes later today if that’s alright.

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Welcome to the site @K-day2. I would maybe recommend building a poll as well for this as you are likely to get more responses. You can click the gear icon on the right of any reply or message and just select “build poll”.

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Yeah I know about the polls but it would be hard to make the poll work with the way I want people to answer my question. I don’t want just a poll for the 1. another for the 2. but I want from people certain combinations of every point, you know?

A little broader than I would want but still some good input from you, thanks.

That’s fair. Just trying to help you get more input. From my observations of how people normally are on the forum. There’s a good size of the community that doesn’t post or won’t take the time out to post something more complex. Polls normally seem to see more interaction. Though I understand not ever question fits nicely into a yes or no/ multiple choice poll.

Personally it’s the weekend and I check in on my phone every so often and I wouldn’t be taking the time to organize and answer something like this for awhile. A poll is much easier on the user and quicker but getting valuable feedback is that matters to you only something you can decide. Here’s hoping for some good replies. Good luck.

  1. A
  3. G or H
  5. B, C, E
  6. C (comfy first of all)
  7. That the boyfriend also gets fat (Mutual gain, I like how fat the main characters are, and that includes the male characters) and that there were many situations where they get stuck in many places, and that the story happened at all stages (meeting, getting married, settling down having children and getting older) obviously getting fatter.
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  1. A, B, and C
  2. G, I
  3. A, D, E, G
  4. C, F, G, H, O
  5. B, C, D, E
  6. B, D, E
  7. Not being able to fit into clothes; Putting on a too tight outfit and then intentionally eating until the outfit rips off.
  1. A, B
  2. E, F
  3. I
  4. K, L
  5. C, A
  6. C, E
  7. tearing clothes, force-feeding.
  8. it would be great if the character always had glasses (the shape is not important, the main thing was glasses for vision), the presence of cat ears (at least as an accessory), there should be drawing supplies in the character’s room (as the weight increases, she will receive inspiration and skill improvement).
  1. A
  2. A, I
  3. A, C, H
  4. C, L
  5. A, E
  6. A, E
  7. popping a button, not fitting into clothes, too tight clothes
  8. Glasses

I’m going to rank them, first is the best and last is the worst, for each category.

  1. B, A, C, E, D

  2. E, F, A, I, F, G, B, H, D

  3. G, D, I, F, A, B, H, C, E, C

  4. M, B, A, F, G, D, C, J, H, I, K, E, N, O

  5. C, A, B, D, E

  6. C, D, B, E, F, A

  7. I will respond to at another date

  8. Same thing.

This seems cool so ill bite.
i could go for a or b tbh

i like it balanced but i would also like for more of it to go to the stomach area

feel like there should be two options for three but g is my pick

mmm chocolate

i feel like levelheaded should be a personality

I lke formal attire especially when it pops

: I like it wehn button pops or clothes dont fit, full gluttony is also cool especially while trying to hide it in public places

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I mean if you want to pick like 2 or even 3 it’s okay, just don’t list like half of the options :wink:

2.A/E I am a belly fan
3.A/D I prefer an attitude change,maybe angry to like
4.CCC Stuffing is an important part! (H is also ok)
5.ABCDE I really dont mind this part
7.tight clothes,gluttony,popping the clothes

Well im late for sure but here what i like.

  1. C and D i like to see fit people loose their bodie that they worked hard on.
    2 A and I I’m not into way to fat i like chubby and out of shape.
    3 D F B Love it when the mc hate what is happening but can’t stop it
    4 A B D E I J K L M I prefere when the weight is not wanted even better if the MC still try to loose weight
    5 E Like i said i love to see the mc becoming more tame while being a wild beast at first
    6 B C D Sporty cause what i said upper, Attractive same and comfy for exemple during the vacation or injury.
    7 Overall the degeneration from great to fat not obese just out of shape and the

1: (A,b,d)
2: A,E,I
3: A,D,F,G,H
4: No opinion/ all good
5: A,B,D
6: Gonna go in depth on this one.

A: Literally never. Tattoos are a instant turn off for me.
B: Fit to Fat is great, so this in tandem with other elements is great
C: Ya love to See it :sunglasses:
D: indifferent
E: Nice, but not ideal
F: meh

7: As mentioned, fit to fat, belly drops (pulling up shirt and having tummy flop out) clothes ripping, minimal full nudity (save it for later, make it meaningful.) Size comparisons, like in Cowgirl Casino. Belly slaps with jiggle are peak. I cannot/will not be swayed.

If the game is made in unity and DOESN’T capitalize on having a gallery with interactive physics, what are you even doing. Like not having physics is fine, its complicated and i understand, but you’re gonna have physics without the option to view it outside of gameplay? why though? This is getting off topic so i’ll move on.

My Achilles heel has always, and will always be gamer girls. I love having a character i can interact with and relate to outside of my player character, so thats always a plus. Childhood best friend is a good trope, too.

And, once more for good measure,

Tummy supremacy is, in fact, the 20xx of Feederism. You’re all in denial if you do not accept that tummies are the pinnacle of the WG experience and to argue otherwise is sacrilegious.

That being said, you NEED to have other parts too. Realism in body type is a must have, unless its, like, an artstyle thing. Cartoonish ballooning is a no-go for me, i know others like it but for me its just takes me out of it. This extends to All parts, so having it be evenly distributed (with the tummy at least pronounced) is the go-to.

But hey, thats just my take.