What kind of traps and general threats could a Witch's House-esque WG game have?

For context, Witch’s House is a horror game where you’re trying to escape from a mansion where a lot of things try to kill you, like a grandfather clock that crushes you if you try to inspect it or a poisoned soup that, well, poisons you. Perfect setup for a fetish game too.

So, what kind of traps and enemies could be used in such scenario?

There are a few things I thought of.
For eample, a large chest that can be unlocked with a key (that’s actually meant to be used elsewhere), but instead of any items, it turns out to be a mimic that shoves the player character (I’ll call her Moe from now on for convenience) inside. The chest shakes for a few seconds, then gradually slows down until it stops, then it starts getting stretched until the lid pops open to reveal a much fatter Moe, now stuck inside with her flesh oozing out from the chest.
As another example, a bottle of milk you find in a fridge. When you trying to use it as an item, the game asks you if you want to drink it. If you say no, it asks you if you want to spill it out, which is what you should do since you only need the bottle. If you choose to drink it, nothing seems to happen at first, but saving is disabled and when you try to leave the room, Moe starts gaining weight, grows a cow’s tail and horns and falls on her butt from the increased weight, bursting out of her clothes to reveal a cowprint bikini underneath.
For another idea, an overgrown plant in a garden. Getting too close to it before you pacify/kill or stepping on vines in the area results in Moe getting tied up, suspended like nine feet above ground and forcefed nectar. By the time the vines snap, she’s grown fat enough for her belly to touch the ground even while still suspended.


As a fellow rpgmaker horror fan, what asethic are you going for?

Going off your examples, maybe you could do something similar to the angry tadpole pond but with gummies and a large pond of chocolate or liquid candy, pulling Moe in and force feeding her.

Read this as Witch House and wondered if the soundtrack would be made by purity ring

Well I do have a text adventure game that features some ideas for traps: The Fat House - Play online at textadventures.co.uk

There is also this other game that also has different traps as well: The Mystery of Bluff House - Play online at textadventures.co.uk
How you have the end results described here also reminds me of a game where a female character has to deal with a fat ghost as she wanders around the apartment. Usually interacting with certain things can cause extreme weight gain (from getting sucked into a closet to eating all of the food in the living room for example). Believe me, as long as your imagination is flexible and isn’t hindered just about anything could induce weight gain. You can even use it as a game mechanic for Moe having to be at a certain weight or not to make progress.

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in the end, mother go in the forest with gun, found her girl and save her form an unknow slob, but her girl just got very hungry form that day, and everyday after it.

the truth of house’s curse, House know who is the true witch, and it have one thing must do: fill witch’s hunger.

Maybe a mirror where the reflection gourges itself with food and treats and then the weight piles on to Moe


Reminds me of the Piknad’s Prison and that mansion game that one guy made (forgot the name).

Several of said “traps” in that mansion game was a ghost fattening up the mc, Shower would have the mc get too fat to get out of it, a certain hallway had the ghost forcefully fatten you, checking out a closet would drag you in and fatten you.

Piknad’s Prison had a pressure plate door that you had to get fat in order to progress.

Since we are dealing with a witch here, I’d suggest various potions.


Not a trap per se, but I thought of a funny idea (I’ll be making quite a few assumptions here, but bear with me):

At the intro, Moe comes across the witch’s house, which I will assume like in the Hansel & Gretel story is made of gingerbread, & she begins eating pieces until the witch comes out, compliments her appetite & beckons her inside. At this point, the player is given the option to either enter the house & start the game or remain outside to eat more of the house. If the later is chosen, Moe eats more of the house & becomes quite fat before the witch comes out again to beckon her inside enticing her with food. Again the player may choose to stay outside & Moe becomes even fatter, but when the witch comes out again, she addresses the player, berating them for not starting the game & even enticing the player with more fetishy content in the rest of the game. The player may choose again to continue eating the house which ends with Moe becoming enormous, having eaten the entire house, the witch berating the player for their decision to not play the rest of the game, followed by a game over screen.

I made some assumptions about your game & im sure this might be either overly ambitious or just outright stupid, but I thought it was funny & maybe you or someone else will too.


Hmm… yeah this might not be the best advise but i wouldn’t mind giving my thoughts about this discussion.

I would say you should try and make an atmosphere that deceptive to on look first glance kind of house, you don’t want to give away the surprise of how dangerous it is but give that feeling that something isn’t right but seems normal.

As for the Puzzles and stuff try and have multiple ways to progress in such a house, since WG will be the main focus of it perhaps have WG as a risk/ reward kind of progression making it possible to avoid really tricky puzzles at the cost of your character gaining weight and it coming into play in later puzzles and at the end depending how fat they get.

Lastly While the no saves might be a interesting idea, i wouldn’t advise it please have at least maybe a few save areas and perhaps a few save slots only to limit backtracking due to a game over and have to progress through 30 mins or so of the game itself


I mentioned disabling saves for specific scenarios where you’ve already lost the game, but don’t know it yet, to avoid softlocking. Games of this genre do it when they are designed well and otherwise have free saving.

For the record, the hypothetical game here doesn’t specifically involve any mansions or use that horror game’s premise in any way, I mentioned that one specifically because it’s one of the more prominent games of this kind along with Ib and Mad Father.
It can be an underground lab just as easily as it can be a closed eldritch mall or a magic dungeon.

Well it could set that only certain area can a save be used, like say a book or statue. That way all the game dev has to do is ensure there is a secure lock on certain rooms once a trap is sprung. Eliminates having the save feature on all the time while the saves act as checkpoints for each thing you do while being disabled should the character be undergoing some effect (such as quickly gaining fat or is using some other ability).

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I think something along the lines of ghostly possession would work well. Like, you have a puzzle where you nead to check the right jar, but if you open the wrong one it unleashes a trapped ghost that posesses the player character and makes them eat.

Also, not sure how easy it’d be to make it work, but it might be possible to adapt the pitch black maze in Witch’s House where you’re chased by the statues. (In my opinion, the scariest part of the game.) With the character rapidly gaining weight in a similar environment, the urgency coming from the threat of becoming stuck, or unable to escape some pursuer.


This definitely sounds like a fun premise. I’m guessing it’s female only? Or will the player get the choice of male or female character to play?

Would this only be WG, or are you considering adding inflation/expansion too?

It’s not necessarily something planned to be done, hence why it’s not in ideas or projects. Different characters is more work to do, so, a game of this type is better off focusing on one character.
This genre is simply really efficient for these kinks since you can do a lot without having to make too much sense of it, it’s usually limited to one scene and there are no long battles to lose to see them.

As for inflation/expansion, no reason why those can’t be included either.

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Mayhaps take a few cues from the willy wonka stories and have traps that prey upoun the characters flaws, or akin to saw and have the character go through a harrowing challenge to avoid the trap that would seem like the answer to those with common sense, my advice is to go through the text adventures on this site for inspiration I believe there was the willy wonka novel that had you purposely sabotage the others
Mayhaps including sections where you work with others or sabotage them

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