What mods are good for Fallout 4?

I suck at modding games and everything file related. Computers scare me and I run the risk of deleting system 32 accidentally every time I uninstall a steam game through savant like blunders. I’m equally bad at finding mods that work and are good.
With that being said, does anyone know any good mods? Like for fat stuff of course but also just in general? Like is there an essential mod everyone gets (other than the unofficial patch) that I should grab?
Nexus and Loverlab overwhelm me and I can’t think of any other place to ask this.

Buffout 4, Baka Scrapheap, and High FPS Physics fix are all good for improving performance especially with high mod loads.

F4SE acts as a psuedo-launcher for the game that enables extended script behaviors, making it a requirement for a lot of mods in order to function well.

CBBE and TWB are prevalent body mods that many fat or expansion mods may rely on in some form.

Stealth And Detection System is a good one for anyone wanting to mess around with stealth or perhaps even center their build around it (stares at Skyrim stealth bow users)

FallUI is good for when you want to browse inventory or do stuff at work stations.

There’s also a variety of bug fix and patch mods to help with specific things. Hope that helps you get started/

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Theres an excellent vore mod you can get from Ekas Portal

if youre looking for something fetish based i didnt see rad morphing mentioned which is on lovers lab :3
it basically scales your characters weight towards how much rads you have, super customizable >:3
if youre a freak like me and engage with the settlement building, sim settlements 1/2 are pretty good
more where that came from is fun if you listen to the in game radio often
most gun mods are pretty fun but they are usually pretty realistic (as in like modern weapons) that may not always mesh with fallouts art style

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Blockquote (stares at Skyrim stealth bow users )
but! critical hits!