What mods should I get for mods for Fallout 4/skyrim?

Long time watcher first time poster. I finally grabbed fallout 4 and just got int working on my pc (need update somewhen)
I know there are some mods outthere already Coldsteel’s mod and Voremod but this my frist time modding Fallout 4 so I want to know.

  1. Can I run them alongside eahc other? I know the Voremod uses some Coldsteels bodies but I don’t know if the two will fight.
  2. Are there any other good Wg vore or Inflation mods for Fallout 4 or Skyrim? I played Skyrim so much figured might as well try some Wg stuff too.


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I know for skyrim you do have “WeightMorphs” and if you’re looking for vore ontop theres many different versions of “Devourment” - I personally use Galmar1313’s as its the only version I’ve seen being updated.
As for the Coldseel and Vore mod all I can really say is I know in a recent build the mods where somewhat combined? I’d assume they’d possibly work together.

Thanks, I thought there wasn’t much for Skyrim.
For the moment I decided I’m gonna test with Just the weight gain mod then maybe add Vore when Im more comfortable.

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No problemo friendo. I’ve been lurking around for awhile so I’ve found a few things.
Thats the joy of modding: Experimenting with whatever.