What next?

So, things have been challenging, and I think I’ve spent the last week rebuilding my laptop after a hard disk failure (it happens). Nothing of any significance was lost because of backups and source control, and backups of source control. I may have some time to spend on the game again soon in between other things. I had been working on the sexy times stuff, but I need to re-think my approach, and maybe it’s time to focus elsewhere for a while and have a change of pace.

With that in mind, I’m curious about what people would appreciate, so here’s a poll:

  • Carry on with the sexy times: I want to be able to take advantage of my opponents (or be taken advantage of, and perhaps romance and NPC or two).
  • Get the shop working: I’m fed up of running around in soiled/torn clothing and could do with some alterations or a new outfit.
  • Finish the mine quest: Seriously, more story, more things to do.
  • Work on the UI: My inventory list and clothing is unmanageable and combat could be simpler.

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Each of these things needs doing, and I full admit I may disappear down a rabbit hole with unrelated stuff. So no guarantees I’ll abide by the voting - just curious.


So there’a a clear desire for more story, which is good by me. It’s time to put the mine quest to bed and move on to new pastures. I’ve been implementing beds and sleeping which is needed for the plot, so there will probably be a release before long just adding that.

Thanks for all your votes!