What program(s) to use if I wanted to make a weight gain game similar to something like Feeding Lily?

Hi! I’m new to the community and I wanted to try and make a game similar to Feeding Lily, or Feeding Sasha, just a game where you stuff a girl and get to play with her belly. What kind of program would I use to make a game like that?

I would say Feed My Affection - A Weight Gain Themed Dating Simulator may be close enough.

Feeding Lily was, if I’m not mistaken, made in Flash, a platform that’s now dead in the water (rest in peace, though it was probably for the best). You’d be able to create something similar with any of the general-use 2D engines out there, given its conceptual simplicity. I’m personally partial to Godot, if you want a suggestion by name.


Ok bet, ill take a look at it, thanks a lot!

These are exactly the games that inspired the feeding mini-game in my game Feed My Affection - A Weight Gain Themed Dating Simulator, as @Aeremis mentioned.

If you’re interested in using Ren’Py for this, you can download my game and take a look at the script file “feeding.rpy” to see how I did it. I am likely to rewrite most of it now that I am working on a new inventory system though.

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