What’s the best program for a beginner?

Like the title says, I’ve always wanted to dabble in WG games (don’t really have any ideas or plans, but the thoughts are there). So I wanted to find out what would be the best program to create a game.
As for what type of game I’m planning, that’s still undecided, but the ones I’ve thought of is either a text adventure or an RPG maker game. Both of which would need a good amount of coding to make the pieces fit.

So, I’m curious to see what others think would be the better program for a beginner to try their hand at game-making

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If you want to make games that don't feel like cookie cutter game, your gonna need to code, if you look at game design as building with wooden blocks, coding is being able to chisel out new blocks. So if you want to make good games you need to learn to code. Unity and Godot are both good starting points but they require you to know how to Code in either GDscript (Good Python) or C# (Microsoft's Java Clone). If you learn Unity you learn parts of Godot if you learn Godot you learn parts of unity.
I have a unexplainable Hate for Text adventures (except Stone Story) and Visual novels, mainly due to them being more books and not games, I love RPGs and like even some of the most cookie cutter RPG maker games however if you want your RPG to stand out you will need to code.
Coding is not hard is just takes some time and effort to understand what your doing, once you learn 1 language you can learn the others. 
As for text adventures I have no idea what you would make that in, As for RPGs either learn RPG maker or Godot, if you want grid movement and more final fantasy then do RPG maker, if you want a more free form RPG with custom mechanics learn Godot, Godot does require you to make everything from scratch, where RPG maker has base images and mechanics.

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Well, that’s sort of up to you, think about this way; what will your game focus on, do you require visuals, what type of coding language do you want to get into. Beefier games; requiring visuals, audio, landscapes, etc. will require something big like Unity, Godot, or Unreal, so going for something smaller is a good choice.

If you ask me I’d advise trying a text adventure, doesn’t need to be big or complex while the languages for aren’t too complicated. Quest is a good platform, despite the numerous issues of it crashing and odd ways of how the code behaves sometimes since it is roughly user friendly while there are forums for you to look at and see if you have any questions. I will warn you though, Quest is limited on how long a game is (though I haven’t hit that yet), as well as the tutorials are seemingly more geared to assist those who have downloaded it rather than using the Web Editor (like me). Despite this, I have three games out from the platform and despite the headaches to make them it was worth it to see the finished product.

Just keep yourself at a relative pace, believe I have hit the game making burnout far too many times than I like, though thankfully I’ve already listed what I want to do next. Just know you may or may not hit it, so it is okay for you to take a break from time to time.

Thanks for the responses there, as someone who has little to no drawing skills (especially drawing fatties) it would mean visuals are off the table (outside of the fat RPG maker models I see so often) but I’ll definitely try out Quest at some point to see how well that works out for me

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There’s a handful or great programs to use but I’d recommend renpy for a visual novel type thing or unity for more granular control and a MUCH wider range of uses.
Renpy uses python which is known as one of the easiest languages to learn but it’s made specifically for visual novels.
Unity uses C# and there are so many resources available for that.

Personally I’d steer away from RPG maker stuff since they’re so copy/paste. The only thing that really changes is character art and text. I completely avoid any rpgmaker game but that’s just personal taste/opinion.

You could also go the HTML route, but I know very little about that. You also mentioned not having drawing skills, you could always look to DAZ3D to render 3d characters.

If you want to learn more about unity I made a post a while back with pretty much everything you need to make a game in it. You can find that here: So you want to make a game but don't know where to start...

Whatever you choose, good luck!

If you have questions don’t be afraid to check the forums or send a message to me, believe me it may look complicated but thankfully once you know how to do it then you can steam right on through.

Twine is also a pretty good system to start off on for text games and interactive stories. You technically don’t need any coding knowledge to make a basic interactive story. And if you do want to make a more complex text game, there are a decent number of tutorials online, as well as plenty of Documentation.

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