What stats will be good when creating a weight gain rpg game

hi i need some guidance for the game i gonna make

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There’s always fullness/capacity stats, as well as weight (which can be linked to more traditional stats like agility, health, defense, etc.). You could have something that determines how quickly food is digested if you wanted to run with a system like that (metabolism?), or even do something like eat the dungeon where different types of food serve as elemental strengths/weaknesses, or even analogs to physical/magic defense.


That hinges greatly on the type of game you want to make and what specific kinks you want to employ. What is food used for? Is it just for progression, or is it part of combat? Do you get fed as a choice or when enemies force you to? Is fat supposed to be an asset or a detriment? How much control does the player have over character weight?

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  1. Strength/fitness: This is used so you can handle more weight without difficulty.
  2. Stomach capacity: For obvious reasons, plus we get to either put points into it, or stretch it out by pushing the limit.
  3. Digestion/hunger rate: Have a high rate, making your stomach empty quicker but making it harder to keep a supply of food, plus gain weight quicker, OR have a lower digestion rate, so you don’t have to eat as often, resulting in slower WG and such.

Less mandatory:

  1. Feedee-Feeder gauge: decides how much your character likes to be fed, or to feed. Can be adjusted through gameplay, or by being set by the player.
  2. Stomach resilience stat: at low levels, you can only eat food that’s reasonably well-made and very fresh, but at higher levels you can get away with eating from cheap restaurants without getting food poisoning, or drinking milk that’s close to spoiling. (Maybe there’s a nausea mechanic to the game, and having a high res stat makes it less likely you’ll throw up?)
  3. Body width: too high, and you can’t go through certain doorways, or automatically fail certain puzzles.
  4. Encumbrance: carrying too much stuff makes you go slower, but also being too heavy counts towards your max weight.

Also yeah, you should’ve posted more info about this game you’re making. In all likelihood, you’re making this in RPG Maker and none of these suggestions are valid, heh.

something that would be interesting us states that are dependent on the characters weight/fat level as well as their level in some attribute. so hp could be vitality level * weight-modifier or something like that.

some stats I think makes sense to be affected positively are: max hp/mana, stomach capacity (how many edible items can be used), poison resistance, knockdown/knockback resistance and max overheal (I’m thinking overheal works like it does in tf2)
as for bad: stamina, speed and dodge chance/rate

also some moves like a tackle could cost more stamina but do more damage and have a greater knockdown chance for example