What tags should be in the Systems & Games category?

Since the new (sub)category for Table top games doesn’t have any tags in it, I’m trying to start a discussion to inform the admins on which tags should be in it. Do the tags include game system names? If so, we should obviously start with the most popular systems so far, “Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition” and “Pathfinder Second Edition” should be added. Maybe generic setting game systems such as GURPS, Savage Worlds, and Hero System should be the next additions to the tag catalog. Maybe tags for the other popular editions of D&D and Pathfinder (“D&D 3.5e,” “Pathfinder 1e,” “AD&D 2e”) should be in the catalog as well.

Do you have any other suggestions?

We added a table top sub category for tags yesterday and you can find it here:

You need to tag the posts with table top before you see any of them though. That being said we did not create any tags for specific systems and kind of kept it generic so if you have any ideas we would be happy to hear them!

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Some tags that might be worth adding are:

Additional Homebrew,
Test Material,
Misc. Tabletops,

just to name a few.

It would probably make sense to use game system tags that are already commonly in use such as these from r/lfg such as ADND, 5e, PF2e, GURPS and so on.

Having them as predefined ones would help them not grow organically (Trust Level 3 users “Regulars” can just create their own tags as needed if I remember correctly).

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But Trust Level 3 is the cutoff point in which you need to be active on this forum or lose that trust level. I had that before, but it was removed when I stopped being on the forum as much.

I wasn’t trying to suggest that you should create them, only that they will happen anyway unless admins/staff create them first - which means we can put them in tabletop rather than the catch-all bucket of other.

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