What type of curriculum would be in a school for gainers?

I need ideas for courses they would have in a college for gainers. Keep in mind, gaining can be focused in any of the following areas: boobs, belly, butt, and also maybe hips and thighs. So a nice diverse selection of classes that maybe focus on different parts of the body would be nice.


There should be a general bulking course, for starters.

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Communications - Understanding feeder/feedee dynamics,
Intro to identifying what type of gainer you are, (Side course: Immobility is it actually for you?),
Diet 101’s - Not everyone can clear a buffet or win an eating competition, and that’s okay,
Finance 101 - Takeout is not cheap anymore,
Health 101 - There’s good fats and not just when your belt breaks,
Cooking, scheduling, and grocery management - Everyone loves the idea of eating a 100 cakes, but you’re usually sick of them by the second. . .

And that’s all I got.


Internal Gas Studies - Learn how smells, sounds, and general winds can be expelled from the proverbial attic and basement in this class, but only for those willing to stomach the aforementioned smells.
Body Shapes 101 - Remember how you used to learn about shapes in preschool? Well, this is like that, except for larger bodies and more advanced than you’d think.
Nurse - If you feel like you’re about to explode from either eating too much or bulking up too much, the nurse (a thin male, by the way) will rush out of their office. He’s seen too many students exploding into crimson puddles that are mixed with pre-digested food to be traumatized by said explosions. Also, he’s willing to aid those who not only lose mobility, but also those who receive obesity-related health issues with a special high-calorie milkshake that extends one’s life by a decade or two.
Fat History 101 - Learn about famous full-figured figures like William Howard Taft as well as the artworks of Francisco Boltero in this class.
Gaining Gym - Forget about staying in shape. While you do exercise your muscles in this class, it’s all about both keeping them conceals and helping retain mobility at higher weights.

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This partly hinges on the question of whether it’s a college for people who gain, or which exists to teach about gaining in some capacity. The former just accommodates gain, the latter facilitates it, and that’s an important distinction because if it’s a college that teaches you how to gain, it’ll have courses dedicated to ideal caloric intake and physical activity, whereas if it’s just a college that takes in gainers, it may just lump that stuff into medical courses.

Other stuff will be more universal between the 2 options. Off the top of my head:

  • Nutrition: if people are going to eat specifically to gain, or have no choice in the matter, they will still need to understand what’s going into their body and how to maintain a somewhat balanced diet. For most people, it’s a no-brainer–just eat a fucking vegetable here and there and you’re good–but the proportions of what you need and how that affects you will change with a high amount of food intake and changing physiology, especially with a particular goal in mind.
  • Fitness: sounds counter-intuitive, but people still need to do jobs and get around regardless of how fat they are, and that’s before you factor in health benefits. Plus, exercise courses may be geared around the expectation that students will want/need to gain weight, or will do so no matter what.
  • Engineering: without specifying an upper limit for a “reasonable” amount of weight gain, I can only assume mobility scooters will be needed eventually. That’s just the tip of the iceberg–you need all kinds of technology to accommodate people of various sizes. Transportation, architecture, furniture, clothing, household appliances, tools, the list goes on the longer you think about it. Think about everything you do on a day-to-day basis, and now imagine how many tasks would change if you were “le chonky chonky bigge fatte,” as the French say. You’re gonna need solutions for that, and in a world where it’s normal to be that big, there’d be a job market for designing those solutions.
  • Political science: this only applies in a world where gainers represent the majority demographic among most people. That means war changes, and it never does that. How do you maintain an army of soldiers who can’t march, need a ton of resources, tire easily, and constantly need new uniforms? Drones and intercontinental missiles are the only real option, and those are expensive and not as reliable as human pilots to start with. There’d probably be less warfare in this world, save proxy wars (e.g. the Cold War), so international disputes have to be settled in some other way. And that’s before you get to domestic policy, which is affected by the fact that the average person needs a lot more resources. That means you need a lot more food, space, and…well, everything, so the poverty line will be a lot higher. Populations may just be a lot lower in general, which may solve that problem but also change the world stage by having way, WAY fewer people around.
  • Sociology/psychology: obesity isn’t just a physiological change, it also affects hormone production. That will impact brain functions and social interactions.
  • Philosophy: Diogenes and Aristippus of Cyrene may be popular among a demographic that devotes a lot of its waking hours to a pursuit marked by immense vanity and hedonism.

GENETIC ENGINEERING: Altering D.N.A. so Fat is stored in specific parts of female body. (The Breasts, Tummy, Hips, Butt, Thighs). Strenghting heart, lenghting intestines (more nutrient absorbtion), BONES (taller, stronger ) , STOMACH (Thicker stomach walls, strenghten digestion, larger stomach Capacity), Hibernation mode ( Genetic coding hibernation in female human body), Nose (wider range of smell, sensitive to certain food aromas), Mouth (wider range of taste and flavor, stronger teeth (different metals) LUNGS: Larger lungs (increased air capacity, more oxygen intake, make another breathing hole (No choking hazard), stronger mucus lining ) KIDNEYS: (Bigger kidneys, stronger filteration) SKIN: Skin is more elastic, Softer Skin, sweat glands can produce perfume scents maybe, SIZE: She can have a larger body mass. Her size can grow to elphant size, and her belly continue to grow outward. )

FAT BBW FASHION: Designing Beautiful dresses (platinum dress example), Cute trendy outfits, lingere, Panties, Comfortable Bras, Sexy BBW Clothes, Hairstyles, ANIME COSPLAY CLOTHES, how to apply ( lipstick, facial powder, eyeliner, eye contact (ruby, bronze, strawberry pink) How to wear earrings, bracelets, hair ribbons. )

CULINARY ARTS: Baking (Cupcakes, sweets, Pie), Cooking ( Avacado, Organic Foods, Soup, Olive oil, multi Grain Bread), Plating, Resturant managment.

HIBERNATION MODE: Sleeping while traveling long distances, Wilderness Camping, Living in very SNOWY Enviroments Long term ( Traveling very Far into snow, icy, Windy climates), Gathering food and supplies. (Scuba Swimming in ice lakes, for sea food.)


A better thing to think about with a question like this is what kind of context this place exists within, as some have alluded to. Is this institution open or concealed about its intent? Is it privately-owned, government-run or somewhere in-between? Does it reflect the values of society around it or does it stick out? That more than anything would determine how much freedom there might be in what the curriculum is.

focus on different parts of the body BE - gender studies, Belly - hospitality, Butt - physiotherapy/sports science

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