What Video Game Album is stuck in your head?

I was working on a project when out of nowere A few songs from The World ends with you popped in to my head and next thing I was jamming to the whole album in my head for a few hours so I was thinking is there a Video game albums that plays in your head too sometimes.

Sidenote as of making this Xenoblade Black tar just popped in my head.


As of late, Bravely Default’s soundtrack has infiltrated my mind for some as yet unknown reason. I haven’t played that game for nearly a decade, and yet I can still hear it.

Anything Sonic or Mario related. Also get stuff like the main theme from Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna stuck in my head. Dragon Quest and Kid Icarus music is another one too.

Gacha games include Genshin, Blue Archive, and Grand Blue Fantasy

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I recently finished the 2nd Subnautica game not all that long ago, and it was a couple weeks for me to get the jukebox music out of my head. Even the songs I didn’t particularly like grew on me and rattled around in my brainbox for a while.

Currently I’m mostly free of any major ear worms. I still hear a little bit of Strange New Worlds songs in my head (especially the K-Pop song), but it’s mostly leftovers at this point, waiting for the next major earworm.

battle garegga
lords of thunder
guilty gear xx
scott pilgrim vs the world the game
I time stamped my favorite track from all the soundtracks

usually they don’t play that long because when they come on I just put on the soundtrack

The entire Sam & Max save the world OST. Jazz for your soul

Construction site

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Vampire Survivors has gotten me addicted lately, and its soundtrack absolutely slaps.

I usually have songs play in my head almost all the time so when I play any given game for protracted periods of time I end up committing them to memory more or less permanently. Up until recently I’ve been trying to beat Streets of Rage 2 on Mania starting at 3 lives (did it with Axel a while ago and wanted to do it with the rest of the cast but it seems they all suck) so that’s what’s been keeping me company as I go about my day, but other tracks from games I’ve played in the past do sneak in from time to time.

Kirby soundtracks are always my favorite


Mad Rat Dead has refused to leave my brain ever since I played it, and that includes its incredible soundtrack. I listen to the ost so much

FF14 has some astounding music.

Sadly most of the music on youtube is full of spoilers, so you will get the oldest and foundational piece.
Answers by Nobu Uematsu

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Frostpunk. I love the game and the soundtrack is great.

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Death’s Door, all the boss themes like Grandma and The Last Lord really don’t want to get out of my head, I find myself constantly thinking about the guitar riffs on The Last Lord specifically, very good game and banger soundtrack, absolutely recommend it.

Nobuo Uematsu is incredible. Love his work on Gran Blue Fantasy as well

Definitely all the amazing songs from the first two Banjo Kazooie games. It really is an amazing soundtrack through and through. Also, as a kid I found myself intrigued (didn’t know why for years) by the overfeeding and fat characters that pop up in those games.

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I completely get what you mean! Video game soundtracks have this incredible knack for getting stuck in your head. The World Ends with You has some seriously catchy tunes that can easily loop in your mind for hours. And it’s funny how a random thought can bring back a soundtrack – like Xenoblade’s “Black Tar 12” just popping into your head.
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