What would be the best way to end a weight gain game? Discussion

Currently working on a wg game, but the ones I’ve played have all had very differing endings. Was just wondering what you guys thought about the best way to end a game?


This isn’t one of those things that’s an easy answer for, because it’s just like ending any other game: you pick something appropriate for the story you’re telling. If it’s a romance, you probably want to end it on a major relationship milestone. For a slice of life, you might frame it around a specific period in the person’s life and end it when that time is up. And there’s always the tradition of ending a game once the characters have achieved a goal that you set for them at the beginning - be that saving the world, winning the Fattest Cow contest at the local fair, or fattening up a small town until its inhabitants can barely move.

Of course, if the game is open-ended enough, you might just not end it. Sometimes it’s more fun to let players decide for themselves what the endpoint of their character will be, and then stop playing once they’ve reached it, or just mess around indefinitely without worrying about when the journey will end.


what do you mean by different here? different from your concept or different from each other?

Oof, there’s no answer to that, it really depends on what kind of game it is. If literally the entire goal of the game is to get fatter and there’s nothing else, the game would end when you’re incapable of getting any more food into you within the constraints of the world you’ve written, like space ships can’t physically fly to your mouth anymore, or you’ve eaten all the food on the planet, or you’re immobile and can’t get up to eat anymore.
If it’s an actual RPG with content and stories and plotlines that just so happens to have WG, you’ll have to end it like any other RPG, with whatever the main plot is being resolved in whatever way seems necessary.
If it’s a sandbox with no goals, then there’s no ending.
If it’s a minigame, like some kind of rhythm game with stages, the game ends when the stages are all beaten, and the player gets treated with a higher-quality picture of the character(s) all stuffed massively.

This isn’t really a question anyone can answer without more info about your game.

How do you end any game, any story? Weight gain isn’t a genre, its an element, there are weight gain games here that end in a committed happy ending love story, that end in an epic bossfight to save your world, and games that never truly end.

What is your game?


With “The End” a lot of games don’t even say when the end Is. To be serious I think it should end and send you to the menu with images unlocked or something extra.