What's a good RPG engine?

I’m in the market for a RPG maker, but have 0 experience in the field.
Is there a specific one that is particularly powerful, or are they roughly the same.
Plz help the Google has failed me.

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I’ve been using RPG Maker MV for a month or so, and it seems to be the most versatile & beginner-friendly.

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RPG Maker MV is definitely the what I recommend. Also I suggest if you do plan on nabbing it, now’s a good time since it’s 75% off on Steam, at $22.17 CAD. The sale ends on January 6th.

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An engine is being developed called RPG Paper Maker, which is completely unrelated to the existing RPG Maker company but seems to be emulating the same kind of structure, so you should be able to switch over from or to RPG Maker without much difficulty. It lets you make games in 2.5D. It’s also free at the moment, though I’m not sure it’ll stay that way.


Keep in mind it’s still in development, so features might be missing or not working properly, but it’s worth looking into if you want to break away from that notorious RPG Maker style, or just want to get your developing feet wet without having to spend any money.