What's best for Text Adventure?

So I’ve got an idea coming together for a game, but I don’t know how well I’d be able to put together good lookimg characters and visuals and would rather try to keep it to text.

What would be the best app to make a text adventure on?

Or, is there something I could make a game on that would make character design easy?


Twine is a really easy way to get started without knowing any programming, and once you learn a couple basic programming concepts you can make slightly more complicated games.

Inform7 requires you to learn a bit more before you can start, but it does have a text parser if you really want to make the classic Zork style text adventure where you type commands to perform actions like “open fridge” → “sit on floor” → “eat suspicious cake”.

Quest exists… it has a GUI for programming stuff, it automates mapping, and it has list display for items. I don’t really like it because it tends to push you into kinda obvious patterns, but other people disagree with me and there have certainly been games worth playing made on it.


Thank you so much! I’ve got some basics together to allow the main charscter to be customised, but isn’t it posdible to have status bars and the like off to the side? If anyone knows how to do this, please tell me.

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