What's the skyrim WeightMorphs mod like?

Preferably from people who have the special edition (not sure if it makes any difference). Pretty straight forward, I just want to know what you guys think of it in terms of how long it takes to set up, if there’s much body shape customisation and how big you can actually make your character. I’m looking for some chicks with THICC thighs.

Just wanting to know if you guys think its worth the trouble, cheers


I use the mod all the time, it’s very simple but it works pretty well and is very customizable. If you use one of the compatible female body mods you can adjust how large you want the maximum size of most/all of the specific nodes (if you want it for guys, there is also an option for SAM body, but it’s more limited).

The setup may take a bit though, both in and out of game. In game, setting up the specific body shape may take a little bit. Out of game, it’s very simple if you use oldrim, but special edition is a little trickier due to CBBE not having a belly node (you’ll probably have to import the oldrim cbbe model into special edition for the belly node). If you just are looking for thicc thighs, then you won’t have to do anything complicated even with special edition.

As for how big you can get if you really max out some of the sliders, it’s pretty big. You won’t be a blob, but you still can get well into the obese range with right combination of sliders.

It also allows you to change how fast you gain and lose weight, it can be as subtle or extreme as you like it. You can also choose how much you want the different food types to increase weight, as well as set how fattening potions and ingredients are (if at all). Finally, there are some optional debuffs (or buffs if you set it to be that way) for being overweight/underweight. Custom food and drink from other mods can be accounted for as well, just set what category you want it to be counted as and then hit the button to register all food and drink that have been added.

You can give yourself a stamina or speed debuff. I wouldn’t recommend the stamina debuff, because of how the calculation works. Your stamina will very often snap back to normal for half a second while the game updates your weight level, this can often allow you to use power attacks in combat that you really shouldn’t be able to do. The speed debuff works just fine though.

I would say it works best if you couple it with a needs mod or if you set potions and ingredients to be very fattening if you don’t have a needs mod.

I do think it’s worth the trouble, even if you are using special edition. If you really want weight gain in Skyrim, this is pretty much the best it gets.


Thanks for the reply! That was a lot more in depth than I thought I would get and it was great.

I’m wondering about that belly node problem; what kind of belly gain does it have without it and how much work is required to import the oldrim cbbe model?

I’ve never modded skyrim before and I wanted to get your opinion on how easy setting up/using the four programs the mod requires is, any advice would be great!

Would you mind sending a pic of a model at it’s largest? No pressure, but it would be great to see what they look like. To be honest the one video I can find on the mod is pretty underwhelming.

I know it’s a bit of an asking reply but thank you for your help!

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You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no belly weight gain without the belly node, so it is required to find a compatible body mod (cbbe for original skyrim is the main one I would point to). I’m not sure how to use that model in special edition, but I know it’s possible. My advice is to ask the wizards at loverslab for advice (make it clear that you are new to modding skyrim and need to be walked through the process). This will also require a simple tool for body editing called Bodyslide. Just install it like any other mod that I mention in the next part of this reply.

For general modding, the nexus mod manager is fairly easy to use but most would recommend mod organizer (I only have experience with Nexus mod manager). You will need the Skyrim Script extender as well. Don’t be spooked by the website you get it from, it looks sketchy, but I can guarantee you it’s safe (no ads on it either). Here’s the link: https://skse.silverlock.org/. The setup is fairly easy, but I’d recommend
watching Gopher’s tutorial on youtube for installation help for SKSE. Installing weight morphs also needs the mod “Sky UI” to give you access to the options menu.

In short, the things you need to download are:
A mod manager (Nexus mod manager is what I use)
Skyrim script extender (make sure its the special edtion version)
Weight Morphs (special edition for you unless you have, and are willing to use oldrim)
CBBE for Oldrim that needs to be forward ported to special edition (ask someone at loverslab for help)
Bodyslide outfit studio (special edition)

I might be missing something, so make sure you check all of the requirements for weight morphs when downloading. This sounds complicated, but it’s a fairly simple process, just takes a bit of time if you’re new.

I’ll send you a picture of the largest body size I think works best without looking ridiculous in a few minutes, give me a bit.

Okay, here’s the screenshots I just took. Note that this is me REALLY pushing it, so some parts are a bit more jagged and odd looking than they probably should (namely the butt cheeks). If you go a bit smaller, it should look mostly normal.

Who can I ask about porting mods over from Skyrim to Skyrim SE? I’ve been wanting to port over this mod for a while, but not sure how I can do that or if it’s even possible. Any help?

I would probably go ask for help in the loverslab or nexus forums to figure out how to do that. I know it’s doable I just don’t know how to do it myself. I’d go to loverslab first, I tend to get responses there very quickly.