What's up my fellow fat enjoyers?

I’ve done a bit of lurking on this site for a while, played some games, but only recently have I had the balls to make an account on here, though I still created a whole new email for this account to ensure it doesn’t get traced back to me, because let’s be real, nobody wants other people to know they have an account on a fetish related forum, especially with a username like “WideWomanWorshiper”.

While I’m not here to share games of my own, I have been kicking around some ideas of stuff that I could potentially make if I managed to put in the effort. I was recently thinking of a fat related ace attorney fangame, maybe I could do something like that in the future, who knows.

Honestly I’m not sure what else to say about myself, feel free to ask me literally anything and I’ll probably answer, or maybe I won’t, depends what the question is.

I’m looking forward to interacting with you all, having never spoken to anyone else who’s into this stuff, having said that, I conclude this introduction.


Welcome @WideWomanWorshiper to the community.

You could always post something in the #ideas section if you decide to publicly share something about your idea or project. It might even help to have some outside brainstorming and feedback.

Enjoy your stay.

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