What's Your Favorite Body Shape?

im wondering what kind of fats this community likes if possible describe it and post a pic down bellow

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Pear, Extreme pear…basicly anything with thick legs and ass…


omg that’s really cute

Gotta be super busty for me! I think it’s a little absent in a lot of games, but I enjoy them all the same!

indeed super bust is underrated but still it’s a really cute style that deserves more love

good balance of boobs, butt, and belly, though willing to omit the belly every now and then

Thighs are life~


that’s a mood for me tbh

what about black tights?

Sure? I mean, I don’t think colour really matters?

i think black tights are appealing especially because of the gapScreenshot_203

That is true, contrast does help emphasize it, though I think it depends on the rest of the outfit and how well it all works together. Stockings and garter belts are nice too though.

Edit:This is what I mean.

I prefer a pear type body. But not to the point of immobility.

Opposite for me~ I love pears no matter the size~

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i mean like blimp so the upper body is not really upper anymore. bellies are cute, but i dont like busty. if you know what i mean

yea i understand blimp depends on the mood for me tbh