What's your opinion on seeing your character from a third person i a visual novel?

I’m going to be making a weight gain visual novel using daz3d for 3d rendered characters. I was thinking about how should I go about making the scenes for that game.
In “weighting game” you see about 50/50 through the eyes of your character and from a third person seeing yourself in the shot too. It’s a good way to show what your character is doing because often you can’t do that with only a first person view.
In “Did I eat today?” I’m pretty sure you never see yourself, only first person.
In “Fattening Career” you only see your character in sex scenes (which I probably won’t have) and just a few other scenes, mostly you have a first person perspective.
(I’m using those games as comparisons for those who played them)
I’m thinking about making in a first person one, where you can see your hand or something sometimes, this way you could decide yourself how they look, what gender they are etc.
But I wonder if people even mind having a third person view where you see your character interacting with another character, or if they even prefer this.
Your character won’t be gaining weight just so you know.

  • Mostly third person
  • 50/50 third person and first person
  • Mostly first person

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If my character isnt gaining weight then Im probably not going to get much out of seeing them/“me” in third person. (unless you think you can model body language and such better than describe it.)

However. If my character can herself be fat, then Im definitely interested in seeing my character.