Where is Weight Gain in 2024?

Hello everyone,

I would like to start this post by apologizing for overestimating how long weight gain was going to take... I also would like to give you guys more information about how weight gain content is being handled in Quimbly and how the team structure is.

What is the Weight Gain team structure?

Well to start I have to admit something, something that will explain why weight gain progress has been so slow… I personally am not into it, being the lead designer of my game I always wanted to make this game a staple of the community and of course I started with what I enjoyed the most, being inflation and stuffing. Now that those areas have been expanded I was tasked with creating weight gain content. Just as I was about to start it occurred to me how much quality means to me and I made another decision, the decision to hand off WG content to people that more understand and enjoy it. The Quimbly dev team is now split into two halves, The weight team and the main content team. The weight gain team consists of two artists, 1 Programmer/Lead designer and 2 writers. I am not apart of the weight gain team, I just oversee to make sure things are running smoothly. Another nice thing about the WG team is that our Patreon is making just enough money to have full time employees, the WG team contains 2 full-time employees! The main content team just consists of me and my girlfriend and whatever freelancers we may need to hire to meet deadlines.

What is the Weight Gain Team's Plan?

I feel like since you guys have been waiting for weight content for so long (assuming you’re still interested.) You should be the first to be able to read our weight gain documents and the general idea we’ve been planning. For starters, allow me to share this screenshot:

This is our sheet of what we will be working hard on for at the very least 6 months, and at the very most 1 year. It is not a small undertaking and we have plenty of fresh ideas to get with!

Now, allow me to also share some ideas we have written in a document for weight content.
(Project Quimbly Weight Gain Plan - Google Docs) We may be editing this document in due time.

TLDR: Each character will have different weight gain body shapes depending on your actions, I.E, Strongfat/Softfat or BBW/Casual


And here's some content we've been working on behind the scenes, hope you enjoy!:


Hope you guys see what sort of content we’re working on and are as excited as we are to experience it!

If you want to see more behind the scenes content, play new content early, or get access to weekly commissions you can vote on from a quimbly artist please consider subscribing to our patreon as it helps us out a lot, (especially considering we need to support full time employees now, heh)

Also check the game’s current state, you can play it on itch or steam. It only has small weight gain content for Amber at the moment.
(Project: Quimbly Alpha by TeamQuimbly)

In order to see quimbly on the steam store you have to be signed in and NOT live in Germany, (sorry guys). they take adult content very seriously.

Thank you all for your continued support and we can’t wait to release new content
-Team Quimbly

Edit: Forgot to mention for more updates and to talk to the team directly, drop us a line on discord: Project: Quimbly


Smart idea to get specialized a team who’s passionate about weight gain content. I really appreciate the addition, everything here seems really high quality and I’m very excited to see these updates come out! Loving the potential routes you have so far in the Google Docs, especially the idea of Victoria becoming a BBW model :eyes:


Been worried about this for a bit, but hearing you’re putting WG content development in the hands of people passionate about it?
Common Quimbly W


I think it’s an excellent idea to hand the weight gain content over to others, if you’re not personally into it.

It’s much harder to get enthusiastic about producing content for a subject that you don’t enjoy or find disinteresting, and if you’re not enthused by it, you probably won’t do your best work.


That was my thought exactly!