Where to release game

Just as the title says, where can I place my games after they are done? I know itch.io is good but the one I’m currently working on is a fangame so I can’t put that there

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Depending on the size and content of your game we do allow uploads of zip files of a limited size directly to the forums as a small workaround while we work on the main site. Otherwise you could just upload it to google drive or drop box then link to it in the #projects directory.


I’ve seen a lot of fangames on itch.io, there’s one released every 5 minutes. I don’t think publishing it there would be a problem

Not to necropost, but I know Game Jolt, IndieDB, and RPGMaker.net are alternatives to itchio if your still looking for other sites to post on.

I originally used Game Jolt before hopping over to itchio, but I may use it again because it has a better presentation for downloads and you get pennies of income by bringing traffic to the site.

Unless the game has a good bit of content, IndieDB can be tricky to publish to as it’s a little more strict, requiring you to fill out most of the page before publish vs itchio letting you publish with little to none for the page. (Or at least it was strict from last time I used it)

RPGMaker.net is a site dedicated specifically to RPG games (I originally thought it was exclusively RPGMaker games, but they may have expanded), however you may not be able to get a game up there since they to can be strict.

So if you really want an alternate site to upload to, Game Jolt is not a bad alternative :3

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