Where would I put tech demos?

The title is a bit shit, so I’ll explain more here. I have a few, simple demos I made for tiny weight related ideas. They’re not fully fledged games, or do I ever plan them to be, they’re moreso just showing off how a certain idea may work, but there’s a lot of them, around 5. Where would I put these? Thanks in advance.

Probably put them in the ideas subcategory of the projects category. Otherwise the general discussion is always a safe bet.

If they’re playable you might as well upload them to the projects category.

Yep, as @FluffRat stated if they are payable #projects should be fine. #projects:ideas is also a good choice if you are just kicking around the idea for future dev. Just keep in mind I think most players kind of ignore the #projects:ideas posts so you may want to explicitly state it’s a demo if you want more eyes

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I’d like to add that if you don’t really plan to expand on any of the ideas you are going to present then it may be better to call them something other than “demos” as that might raise too many expectations. Maybe something like “proof of concept”.