Who can redo the Tumagotchi game?

This game is vore to feed a dragon girl,
but this game has been stopped for a while now someone can turn it into a weight gain game along with this vore theme.
Here the picture.


Can someone tell me which program makes this game …

Oh how about that, they made it in the Godot engine. You can tell by the icon in the task bar.


Do you have a link to the original game? Or the files saved on your computer?


yes i need this wonderfull link

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i must agree with you my good sir or mam

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it’s in the name dude

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Hey man I have the link:

In the meantime you will learn how to tweak this engine to try to make my version different.

If anyone had ideas also just send here.

I freaking LOVE Tumagotchi! It’s SO CUTE! I’d love to see more work done on it!

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who is good at making sprites?

So much complicate programing. Lel

While I don’t know anything about programming and art, I can say that it’d be a great game for mobile. The style of game fits the platform way better because there isn’t too much going on at the same time and fast action is basically nonexistent.

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I could try to learn to use Appinventor 2 by MIT. It’s really similar to scratch, but for Android.

Having had a play with this game it isn’t very complicated, and I get the impression it could be done in HTML5/Javascript so it would run anywhere there’s a competent browser.

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Interesting… it appears that the Food Store UI actually hides off to the left when it’s not open, and you can click there and use it like it is open. Great for using an autoclicker = P

I need better options than Humans and some automation, I’m up almost to level 700 and this girl is getting obnoxious to keep fed. Also a pause or save feature would be good so I don’t have to keep paying attention to it = P

ETA: Apparently you can just leave it and money will slowly go up without a penalty, but I don’t see a way to save so you can’t carry over. Not that you really want to, given how insane it is to keep the girl fed with merely several hundred levels of Capacity expansion…

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does she actully gain any weight?

ehhh no because this game vore but not gain weight

i am have love game.

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Very impressive :exploding_head: