Why do some vanilla games have serious fetish potential?

So I was playing Stellaris the other day and while I was in the midst of removing a hostile empire’s Capital world I decided to browse the wiki while I waited for my troop transports to arrive. While I was scrolling through, I found a wonky event chain that had a plant releasing pheromones that made the population significantly lazier. So my brain naturally began thinking of all the potential weight-gain related things (mind alteration, unwilling wg, etc) that were going on in that planet. After dismissing this as me being an (admitably) unnecessarily horny scalie, I continued browsing the wiki for other cool things to try and figure out.

I eventually made my way to the Preset Empires tab, where I decided to browse for potential Empires to do my next playthrough on. About 3/4 of the way down, however, I saw one empire that drew my attention substantially: a machine Empire. Ive played these Empires before, but always as a terminator-esque destroyer of everything. This empire, however, was a bunch of machine servants that had (quite accidentally, according to the wiki) made their creators pampered, docile, and completely reliant on their robot “servants”.

It was at this point the realization hit me that maybe it wasnt entirely my fault that my brain drifted towards a certain few pieces of literature and even fetish-related games Ive seen in the past. And that maybe, just maybe this stuff was on the verge of falling down a huge rabbit hole.

So this got me thinking, if and empire-building sim which has very little actual viewing capacity of the people in the game can have this borderline fetish content, what’s stopping other games from having this stuff accidentally (or even intentionally) implemented into their games?

Am I just going crazy? I seriously hope Im not the only person who’s ever thought of this.

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Given there is a literal fat mod for Stellaris itself on this very forum, you are not alone in that thinking. :slight_smile: It’s known as the Expanded Lifeforms mod :smiley: Games with branching story tidbits that leave room for imagination, Stellaris being a good example as it can be a fairly abstract representation of the actual goings on in your empire, leaving room for you to fill in the blanks :slight_smile:


I’m flabbergasted I haven’t found any wg fetish mods for fable, they literally already have a weight system, all it could use is some retexture for the models, expanding it, and all the quirks that come with having more weight. However, if such mod does exist, please let me know.


I’ve seen some interesting bits of dialogue in some Final Fantasy games that’ve been arousing, but usually I hope an artist takes these & runs with them to make a hot image.

Recently in DFFOO there was a cutscene where the character Arciela says that when she gets back home she will eat cake until she bursts. It’s pretty hot to hear female characters talk about making themselves fat, though of course none of that really comes to fruition…


I’ve thought about all that same stuff before while playing Stellaris. And my friend likes to play Rogue Servitors and tease me about stealing my pops and fattening them up in paradise. c;

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Keep in mind, pretty much everything is someone’s fetish. Weight gain is a very real, common thing, so of course it and related subjects worm their way into media for various purposes. We’ve just developed a pavlovian response to things that remind us of weight gain, and that can really be any number of things. And, because so many games exist and touch on so many different subjects, it should surprise nobody that any one person can find a handful of games that appeal to their kink in some way.

It’s the same way The Simpsons has “predicted” so many real events by total accident: the show covers so many topics and has drummed up such a variety of gags that it was bound to predict a future president eventually. There’s no grand cosmic law that makes this sitcom special, it’s just that there’s 30 seasons and it just refuses to die for some reason.

Going back to your example, the devs probably thought it’d be interesting to have an empire built around a symbiotic relationship between people and machines, much like relationships between many real organisms (i.e. lichens). How could this happen? Well, either the people get integrated into the machines, or one party “farms” the other in exchange for their own benefits, the end result being…this. It just so happens that, this one time, that sci-fi premise connects to a certain, common fetish.


Survey says: The odds of something doing something specific exponentially increase the more that thing does stuff. For example, the odds of disney and pixar making fetish content in particular that parallels this particular website cough Wall-E Cough gets higher and higher the more movies they make, specifically because they don’t reuse the same thing over and over again. The options reduce, and simply leave in their place a coincidence that is unintentionally created. You could say it’s fate, and in a way, it kind of is. Math is stupid like that.


Rimworld is one that I’m surprised I haven’t seen done on this site, given that it has pretty simple graphics and that there are mods on steam that are made specifically for supporting alternative races/character designs.

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I remember, when I played Fable 3, most of the time I’ve been just earning “easy” money off making pies, doing street performances and such, just to spend all money on junky food for my female character to fatten them up. Good days, good regrets


Well some games do have fetish potential but a lot of the time the creators have to tone it down a bit for younger audiences or to stay close to the games topic kinda like television shows so they can’t make the parts too extreme but enough for some who don’t look for it to notice but that’s what moding is for

Even when it’s not even hot and is just weird as fuck, like the girl turned into an obese spider queen in Baldur’s Gate 1, there’s something charming about it lol


It’s 100% not deliberate (I’d hope), but Bowser’s Inside Story has a lot of this kind of thing.
The basic premise is basically vore; there’s sections where you have to inflate to reach certain areas; an illness in the plot that causes people to turn into big immobile spheres; and a special attack and pretty lengthy scene, both centred around weight gain.



Aside from the reasons mentioned above, I think this kind of thing appears a lot because weight gain can be interesting even if you don’t necessarily find it hot. It can pose a physical obstacle; it can represent a change in lifestyle; it can change how other people view you or how you view yourself; and like Shugoki said, it’s obviously a thing that happens IRL so it’s also a way to add realism to a game/story.


So the game has: Vore, Inflation, WG-based special attack, and an entire WG scene? Huh, Neat.


I think, it’s a mix between artists/programmers expectations (mostly for humour or horror), and random events. In fact that’s us, because our fetishes we finding links between events and makes a whole schematic of weight gain scenario.

For example there are a lot of series/movies where fattening a character is for humour or horror purpose (Totally Spies and other), but because our fetishism we think it’s incredibly hot!


Paradox Interactive are totally catering towards some fetishes at this point. Most prominent is furry/xenophilia in Stellaris and incest in CK3.


What is xenophilia? Is that like a sexual attraction to immigrants? Genuinely curious

Sexual attraction to aliens


I swear there is someone that added weight gain fetishism into CK2’s last major update. The way the weight gain events were written were pretty evocative. Especially if you compare them to the weight loss events which were written a lot more plainly without nearly as much flavor. So much so, that the vanilla weight gain events are mistaken for the one’s I made for the mod fairly regularly.


You forgot the one in dream team it might be intentional now

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I haven’t played that one, but I’m also not surprised lol