Why do we love monster girls?

This is a question that I wanted people opinions on Why do we love Monster girls?

My reason is that I love make them because it is fun to came up them, then drawing them and then coming up with a backstory like making a Kappa girl but she is a short chubby girl who is a teacher or making a one with a tail of a fox, a horn of a unicorn and bat ears who runs a coffee shop to me it is like putting a puzzle together and finding what fit.


For me it’s due to the complex bodyshapes monster girls can provide, especially with how they gain.


For me it is sort of the idea that even though they aren’t human, they still suffer the same weight gain issues like any other (like this one by Dr-Black-Jack : Modern Monster Girl Health Report - Succubus by Dr-Black-Jack on DeviantArt, or the Growing Soft series by Undertaker33).


cuz monkey brain go honry when see big monster grill belly


I love them for their half-human and half animalistic behavior, it’s either hot for some primal reason or adorable, and because you can come up with so many great and creative designs. Even for a single type, there are infinite different ways you can tackle how it is designed. Out of fats, fetish, and lewd stuff, I still think they are really kewl


I think that they look neat :>

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It allows you to push the bounds of attraction without the feeling that you are fully attracting to animals, objects or whatever.

Like zombies for example in your head would normally be mangled, bloated, smelly walking corpses but what if they were also cute girls?

As for weight, stuffing and other transformation kinks it’s fun to imagine how fat would distribute if the girl is half a bird or half a snake or any other type of chimera.


Yeah, it’s got the appeal of delving into the exotic but also the joy of further discovering that they aren’t too dissimilar to us in a lot of ways. A lot of series capitalize on this, from “Modern MoGal”, “Plus-Sized Elf” and more.


I just hate humans. No questions asked. If I had to pick between socializing wit another human and a sentient parrot, I’d pick the parrot every time.

Not a particularly fair comparison- who wouldn’t want to hang out with a sentient parrot? X3

Fair point, how about… Sentient parrot over literally any collective of famous individuals.

For me it’s how they can cover a wide variety of different looks, sizes, and living situations while also being familiar enough to relate to.
Oh, and they’re cute lol


Time to be the outlier.

I don’t, personally. Unless they’ve got awesome personality behind them (like Office Simulator), I really do not care for them. So when it’s something like Eat the Dungeon, where the character isn’t super relevant, I leave them on the bench if they’re a monster girl. Human (and close to human, like Elves for instance) only for me. Can’t really explain, just not a fan.

Cool to read the opposing views though, it’s something I’ve been curious about but never bothered to ask.

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Hey, a lot of the women i know are into just regular movie monsters, so the only part of this that’s weird to me is that we still require them to be cute and feminine. You can’t tell me you’ve never gotten too drunk one night and woken up next to the xenomorph queen from Aliens.

still female and the colors/visual options are nice

Can’t say much about anyone else, but even without the weight gain element, monster girls have the advantage of being people but “different”. and the “different” has a lot of options. Monster musume has that being more about cultural differences, with a lower dose of the large scale differences of their “monster/animal” type- like reptilian monstergirls being cold blooded or centaurs being vegetarian like horses. On the other hand, Inteviews with monster girls focused on the more “human” monster girls and used them as standins for more everyday disabilities and hangups, but exaggerated. Like vampirism being more like Albinism with regards to the sun, or the Yuki-onna’s “Icy” persona being about social anxiety.

But beyond the possibilities, monstergirls have the advantage of being “human” in ways that anthros tend not to be. Most monstergirls tend to “human with animal bits stapled on”- like a mermaid is a human woman who’s legs have been replaced with a fish tail. or a “catgirl” being a woman with a floofy tail and ears to scritch in a best of both worlds situation. the general concept of human is still there, there are just some dfferences around the extremities. In contrast, going full anthro tends towards taking an animal and modifiying humanity to it- like the distinction between a catgirl being a human woman with floofy ears and tail, vs having an entirely fur coated bipedal body and kitty snoot but with human breasts. so the distinction here would be like Darkstalker’s catgirl Felicia vs the general concept of a werewolf. Felicia reads much more human, even though she is also a kitty to scritch behind the ears and has a floofy tail


I reckon it’s because they’re exotic. Unusual, breaking the mould as it were.

Must touch fluffy tail.


I do like Fluffy Fox’s tails.

A certain Korean user on Pixiv (which is currently inactive) and Twitter whose fat fangames have been posted on this site before draws Eldritch Horror-type monster girls nowadays.