Why haven't I made an intro?

Heya, I’m Marie and I recently returned to this site. Apparently, I never made a proper intro so… here’s one. Anyways, I’m a MtF trans furry / inkling and I’m into gaining and seeing other girls gain. Thanks for your time.


Welcome back to the site and enjoy your stay among your fellows in the WG community!

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Welcome back and hope you stay for as long as before (maybe even longer)


Just wanted to say, you’re really brave. People don’t take kindly to those different from them all too often, I’ve found, and I hope that changes soon. (I hope you don’t mind me making light-it’s not meant to offend, in the slightest!: I’m hoping the world makes that transition soon, it’d be the only way to be true to itself.) Much respect for taking it in stride, and for sharing with us.


Welcome back! Happy to have you back here with us!

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Oh, i hope your right about the world.


It’s often unkind, but that’s all the more reason to turn things around. What matters about a person, really, isn’t what most people consider important. It’s the parts that are intangible. And respect is vital, in my opinion. Telling (NOT ADMITTING! There is nothing wrong with it!) someone that you’re different is massive, because our existing biases may cause us to dislike someone for that, but if we ignore them, we become better, more accepting people. That’s what I want from the world. Sorry for the long post, and best wishes in the mean time.

I really enjoy you talking so nicely about it. I don’t see that often on the internet!


This is a unique setting, and I’ve developed this mindset over time. Kind of like the diamond analogy, but not quite: I compare it more to a rock that’s constantly changing, because it’s still forming underground, under heat and pressure. I may never stop changing, but the end result is because of everything I’ve experienced.

I’m… not quite sure how to respond to that.

I just meant it to mean that no matter what, the stresses from life will constantly keep changing me; didn’t mean to imply anything inappropriate, if that’s how it came off (a consideration I only made in hindsight, sorry). I was trying to compare to how heat and pressure turn coal to a diamond, and people tend to reference that psychologically.

Oh right, I didn’t assume it as anything inappropriate though! I just thought it was deep and poetic. I hope struggles can change everyone for the better!

Oh, thank you! I agree, and appreciate the perspective!

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