Why is simple inflation and/or expansion so rare here?

I know the forum is named Weight Gaming, but this forum is often used for more than just that. Many projects include inflation/expansion/blueberry/bondage/whatever as a small side experience, but it’s almost never a main focus.


I’d love to make a game with the aforementioned kinks as the main focus, but I have a laundry list of reasons for why that would never come into fruition, and none of those are game design -related, just personal issues. With how many games add those kinks as a tiny bonus, you’d think at least a couple of games would’ve popped up that use the kinks to their fullest. Sure, ShamefulRadio made a (really friggin’ good) game demo featuring inflation, but while it was a part of the game design, the events were rather quick and the entire game demo didn’t revolve around it. It was more just an alternate enemy finishing move.

So please, do tell me why they’re so rare. I’d love to know.


Because the people developing games on this site want to focus on things they like most, which happens to be mostly weight gain.


I honestly think you answered your own question in your first sentence. It’s pretty nice a place like this that puts games with a focus on weight gaining/fat all in one place, but it does make sense other tangentially related fetishes would pop up. I’m surprised they show up as much as they do considering every new mechanic you add takes a ton of time to implement.


@Juxtaterrestrial please make Inflationgaming.com
Jokes aside, I think you’ll have more luck with expansion/inflation games on TFgames.com

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i mean it’s not called weight/inflation/expansion/blueberry/bondage/whatever Gaming
The site mostly focuses on weight gain games therefore a lot of people won’t bother to put their other fetish games here because the site’s main focus is on weight gain.as @Fierylion said TFgames.site might have what you’re looking for.


I think the other four answers hit the nail on the head, but I also wonder if part of the reason inflation and similar kinks tend to be less prominent is because of pacing.

You can have a character inflate slowly over time, but I think a lot of people prefer a sudden before and after, which kind of limits what a game can do with it. Wicked Pump works around this by having you inflate a wide variety of enemies and you could also have the player character frequently inflate and deflate, but otherwise I can’t think of too many ways to make inflation work as a major game mechanic.

That said, I totally forgot about TFgames when I started writing, so maybe this is nothing lol.

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can you share a link for wicked pump Having troble findiing the most recent version

idk if the URL changed, but I think you might mean TFgames.site

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It should be said that this site is for both weight gain and any other expansion content. I mean, its right there in the tagline of the site:


There’s plenty of games here that include more inflation-related content, but its definitely more biased towards WG. That being said, if you want more of that content, you’ll either have to support projects that have it or make your own games.


Stop complaining and make your own content.

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My problem with TFgames has been that the tags are always super vague, and pretty much every single instance of expansion or inflation is super small. There seems to be a really small amount of, y’know, HYPER.

You really need to try and be the achnge you want to see in the world! Once one project’s out there other people with X specific kink tend to get inspired and follow suit!

Make your own game then

At one time I was like you, I was all like “yo dude wtf, why are all the games here visual FOCKIN novels or RPGs?!?” “WhY Are TheRe No ReAl AcTuaL GamEs HeRe??!”

and a series of events led me to the game I am making now. I saw an area of opportunity and I took it, I took it upon me to make more “game like games”

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Full disclosure, inflation isn’t my thing, but you did get me wondering how it might play out in a game. Buried somewhere in the depths of uncalled methods in Yaffaif is the formula for hoop tension; basically what would be needed to work out the burst point. So I had thought about inflation as a feature, but not done anything with it.

What could the PC do if they became inflated? Most stories tend to stress the helplessness of the inflated character, which while it might press some people’s buttons, it’s not exactly a good trait for the protagonist in a game. It could be involuntary, something to be overcome to progress, but how to make it something positive - a possible solution to a puzzle? If the gas was lighter-than-air, then you might be able to float or fly over an obstacle, but flying is a problem; it basically breaks the usual mechanisms for constraining play and making other puzzles work - you could just float over them and skip, well, everything - it’s god-mode in a gas bottle. To make it useful as a mechanic in this way it has to be temporary; which I gather is of less appeal to the OP. Though I suppose you could make an inflation based flight sim, or a pool-toy battle royale (where being over inflated gave you more reach, but a higher risk of popping?). Perhaps a game where the PC can use there ability to inflate to bounce off obstacles - a platformer which turns physics simulator complete with the usual sharp spikes for the unwary? Perhaps the PC could take advantage of the compressed gas as an energy source propelling them about, or unleashing attacks - but that’s back to it having a very temporary effect. Though I could see some dark cartoon humour in Kerbal for inflated characters.

For NPCs its just as hard, inflation can be a status effect to disable enemies, but - temporary. Is there a way to make it useful as progression for a “friendly” NPC? Turn one into your personal blimp? Perhaps a path in a monstergirl/brother/slave owner sim? Or a path in a dating sim?

I’m struggling, probably because it isn’t my thing, to know what someone who was into it would like to play.

I recall a game her or there that had inflation be used as a puzzle device. though it was also a bit of a keep it balanced style that if it was to much POP

my fault lol, for some reason anything that isn’t .com gets auto corrected to .com

I for one like inflation as well. Which is why I’m planning to add it into my game Grain to Gain (or doom myself trying). But dingotush has a point, how does one translate a kink to a viable game mechanic if it’s not the only/main focus. I remember a web game that Doomthewolf on DA (could have misspelled) where you had to switch between air and water inflation. Air to get to higher locations, but you have a floaty jump rather than flight. Water to trigger weight switches and to try and break floors, though you have trouble jumping and can be dangerous if your trying to cross a weak bridge to trigger a weight switch.
I however disagree with dingotush that the “inflate to fly” mechanic would cause problems. It would only cause problems if handled poorly such as not planning for it at all. The web game I refered to earlier kept this balanced by having pump locations where you can change your inflation type.
The thought of flying over puzzles and obstacles and thereby “passing” them can be solved by restricting the area of flight, or limiting the height of flight. Though inflation expands more than just air, as water is a type for example. The mechanics for inflation just need a brainstorming session so that the devs here can look at the ideas list and can be like “That sounds plausible for me to add” or even “Huh, why didn’t I think of that?” We just need to persuade devs to do more stuffing in games, which is basically food inflation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Idk, brain sleepy at this point -_-…zzz)

It’s for most belly fetishes, but it is titled Weight Gaming

I actually like inflation, myself. Sure wish a forum site similar to WG revolving around it would come up… :frowning:

I guess it all boils down to what the storywriter is into. I’ve got nothing against inflation; I actually used ro roleplay with a girl a few years back who was seriously into it and I did find it kind of intruiging. But, at the end of the day, I find ‘straightforward’ fat and weight gain more interesting, which is why I write about those.