Wicked Pump: Basic Execution

Shameful Radio’s newest inflation themed rpg Wicked Pump just came out. He posted a link to it on his deviantart page: Wicked Pump: Basic Execution by ShamefulRadio on DeviantArt

It’s an excellent game and I highly recommend it! It’s very recommencement of earthbound actually, with the music and pixel art. Check it out!


played it. loved it. lauma is probably the cutest character i’ve ever come across in a fetish game.

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Currently playing it right now.
I like Las Vegas.

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I agree with Diorite, she prolly my favorite, she is so mega cute I just wanna snuggle her so much shes so soft~

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Has anybody figured out how to get past the hidden doorway in the top left of the graveyard? I noticed it when i first played and i’m waiting to see if anyone found a way in.


oh nice someone already made a post about the game
i was going to share that today lol

im not sure if people gonna be into inflation or they want the game in here since this website is mainly for weight gain only but hopefully some find it enjoyable

also there’s a simple walkthrough in the site i included long time ago (since yall just missed that) so check that out if you lost


I got stuck on the missing halves of the buttons, since the conversation didn’t repeat when I talked to the tea-squirrel a second time.

oh wow i guess everyone did missed the link

for anyone who couldn’t see the walkthrough link

I played this myself a while back. I loved the gorgeous pixel art and animations. Unfortunately, I had to stop playing after reaching the third floor. I had been inflating every enemy before that point, since it was fun to do so and I never felt like I needed the item drops that badly. On the third floor, however, I kept running into enemies that could KO party members in one or two attacks. On top of that, there didn’t seem to be any way to revive fallen party members without items, which I quickly ran out of. Please feel free to let me know if I overlooked something.

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I had those problems too, there is an npc that will heal your party up to full (execpt las vegas)