Wide Winter Wrap-off: A secret santa event 🎁

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Hey hey! We invite you to join WeightGaming’s unofficial Secret Santa art event Wide Winter Wrap-off! If you don’t know what that is, it basically means that from all the participants you will be assigned anonymously to a randomly selected person that you will have to make a gift for and someone will be selected to gift you something in return!

So what kind of gifts are we talking about? Participants will submit an OC or any character they like to their wishlist. Along with the refs, participants can write down their wishes, tastes, dislikes, and possibly write about the character to get to know each other.

The dates are from December 10th to January 10th, 2022.
So about 30 days, but it may be extended if petitioned.

:red_circle:I know I said “randomly selected” to someone… but I lied. I’m taking into account everyone’s tastes to match you with a suitable partner for the event so that everyone is happy

You can contact me through discord to enter the event: BellyBelting#4833

Thanks for reading and happy holidays! :grin: :christmas_tree::gift:


Wow that’s Awesome wish I could participate but I’m not an artist

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Again, thank all of you for participating!