Wildcard Images Released! Plus a Reminder about Wildcards

Hey folks! Not long to go now! :timer_clock:

In the final run-up to the Jam’s launch, we will be slowly releasing the Wildcard images over on both the Discord server and on Weight Gaming official Twitter. The images have been generously provided by the incredibly talented @debuiscool!

Check out the first card already released here! https://twitter.com/Weight_Gaming/status/1558174953488322560

More to come soon!

The release of the images is a reminder for those who may have skipped over this in the rules, that in order for any wildcards used to count towards scoring they must clearly be stated within the game.
An ideal way to do this is by displaying the images in the game (on a loading screen, or on the title or a menu screen). This is to prevent the judges potentially missing the inclusion of a wildcard - if a card is not declared within the game, that card will NOT be scored!. Further details can be found in the Gain Jam Rules wiki page. Please check them if you have not done so yet!

All of the wildcard image assets will be available to download from the announcement heralding the start of the Jam. Until then, sit back and relax… Enjoy what little pre-Jam time you have left, heh heh :smiling_imp:

(Also go check out more of Debuiscool’s art over on their Twitter! https://twitter.com/Debuiscool1)