Will Quack for Snacks: Sprites and Scripters

Hey I need some help with scripting and I need someone to make sprites(side scroller), this is for a future project and said project can be found here Plague doctor game: Name TBD

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does the sprite work include animations?

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Thinking about the character and the doctor’s outfit, it seems like it would be quite confining in places so it would be fun to see how things grow tight and for various buttons and buckles to come undone. This begs the question of how the Doctor feels about gaining weight. Are they a secret gluttonous gainer who guiltily enjoys their uniform growing ever tighter around their expanding middle?


I will definitely have to agree with this, they are


i forgot to respond, but yes

its alright man

i’ll throw my hat in to the ring if your still in need of an animator

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As with the pandas, I’m open to taking on the scripting.