Winners of the Juni's Appetite Drawing!

Here are the winners of the Juni’a Appetite Drawing! Congrats to the lucky winners!

  1. @Gorilla
  2. @Grimimic
  3. @SomeInvisiblePerson
  4. @Rego
  5. @Shaymini
  6. @Anonhugger
  7. @SilvesterAnfang
  8. @Emett
  9. @SelectFilly
  10. @Gonkulous

We will forward the emails tied to your account to @Cakecatboy when she begins to send out the early access copies. We would also like to thank @Cakecatboy for partnering with us on this drawing!

If you liked Weight Gaming doing this and want to help us put on more events like this, or wish to help us help more of the devs in our community consider supporting us on patreon!

What the heck? How did I even win this?

Congrats to the winners!

Guess I’ll just have to wait! Congrats, winners~

I can’t believe I won! :grinning:

Super surprised to be one of the winners. Definitely glad, though.

As of 10/20 @Cakecatboy released the prerelease version of her game, Juni’s Appetite! If you are one of the 10 winners of the raffle, a PM has been sent to you through Weight Gaming with the download links. For everyone else the official release is scheduled for 10/31!