Winter Cabin



Winter Cabin

Just a short and simple text-based WG romance sim I wrote in C++. I don’t intend to make any further changes to it, but it’s a cute and enjoyable little game that you can waste a few minutes on.

You’re a feeder, and you’ve brought your crush/lover/friend/whatever (you decide their name and gender) to a cabin in the woods for the winter, where you will fatten them up until spring. And that’s it. Try to reach the ending.


I gave it a shot. not bad for being simplistic. how long did this take?


I made it a while ago, so I don’t really remember. I probably spent 1 day coding and a second day polishing.


Love it, you should add more to it if you’re still working on it!


for some reason my computer doesnt work with dropbox (zero clue why) any other download methods?