Winter Weight, a male focused weight gain text adventure (on hiatus)

As of right now it is just the prologue, however the game will feature weight gain, NSFW content (mostly mlm stuff).

just to be entirely clear as of right now it is just the initial version of the prologue and a bunch of description text. but maybe if you want to point out a spelling or grammatical mistake I made go ahead

the project is currently on hiatus due to my inexperience with twine. before I resume this project I’m going to start on some smaller projects to experiment and learn how to properly use twine. TBH I vastly overestimated the simplicity of twine, it’s definitely not at all complicated but I don’t know enough about it to achieve what I’m trying to with Winter Weight


Not enough here yet to comment much on structure or content, but I really like your writing voice! Interested to follow

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Looking forward to seeing how this develops!

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thank you, as of right now I’m hoping to get the next version out within a week or two and there will actually be more content than just the prologue

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Looking forward for what comes next, but I did caught a misspelling, well at least I think It is: “and that it is’t on fire” Selene says".

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yes that is thank you for telling me


just so everyone sees this, the project is on hiatus for the foreseeable future

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